Change your kid’s picky eating habits

Change your kid’s picky eating habits

Picky eaters are such a pain in the butt. Yes, you might have a food battle but changing your kids eating habits can save them from future eating disorders. The parent has the biggest part to play. Here are some ideas…

Change your kid’s picky eating habits









Add “secret ingredients” into the food

Tell your kid that you have added a special sauce/topping or spice into the food and they just have to try it. They don’t have to like it, but just have to try it. Perhaps you could bribe them later with a sweet dessert to wash down the taste if they seriously don’t like what you have made them eat.

Don’t pressure them

It is quite pointless pressuring your kid to consume a food item that makes them squeal, squirm and make a face. The more you force them, the more they will resist you. They will not be like this forever, they will eventually venture out and be more confident in trying new foods later on. However, you, as a parent, should show a good example by being adventurous with your food intake too.

Be imaginative

Veggies are the worst, it’s hard to get your kids to eat green stuff. You can say that broccolis are ‘trees’ and mashed potatoes are ‘clouds’ and your kid is the giant that is about to devour the make-believe forest. It will make them even stronger giants.

Involve your kid

Get your little one involved in the cooking and preparation, it gets them curious and even educates them about the whole process. They will automatically feel more connected to the food and this makes them more willing to try out what they have spent hours labouring over.

Put a new spin on it

Don’t be boring and routine. Unexpected recipes and presentations can pique the interest of the pickiest eater around.

Don’t give in


Your kid might think that he/she can get away with not eating what’s on the dinner table because they can snack on something yummy but unhealthy later. No way! Make sure they know that there is no access to desserts, supplements or snacks after dinner. They would just have to go hungry. That might just put things into perspective. They could possibly test the waters but stick to your word—once they have experienced the rumbling and grumbling of an empty tummy, they’d know better next time around.

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