Breastfeeding mother without arms inspires and touches netizens worldwide

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This breastfeeding mother with no arms is taking the internet by storm. Read her unique and inspiring story here.

Xiang Liping, a 28-year-old mother from China has recently been placed under the bright spotlight of the internet for a powerful image shared on social media. The captivating photo shows the mother breastfeeding her daughter. While that doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary in today's world, this mother's photo is particularly inspiring because Liping has no arms.

When Liping was four-years-old she was struck by lightning. The tragic incident resulted in doctors amputating both of Liping's arms. From a young age, she knew she would be faced with adversity, but at no point in this dedicated, hard working mum's life has she shied away from a challenge.

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Despite growing up with no arms, Liping became proficient in embroidery. Her fervent, diligent mindset allowed her to find success in needlework, and she used her skill-set to make ends meet. Eventually, Liping met her husband, Guangxi. The two fell in love, and after two years, they were blessed with the arrival of their daughter.

Recently, the viral image of Liping breastfeeding her young daughter has gone viral. Since being shared by media outlets like CCTV News, the photo has racked up 63,000 likes and nearly 3,000 shares. Needless to say the image has been spreading and inspiring thousands of mothers across the globe.

No mother's journey and role in providing for their child is easy, but each and every mother works hard to do so. Liping's particular journey to nurture her child is far different than other mothers' but her inspiring demeanour and dedication to being a mother are a shining example of the willpower and strength that all mothers have.

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