Deals you must consider before your next family holiday

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An additional hotel room night at the resort of your dreams absolutely free is no longer the stuff of dreams, thanks to the Entertainer app. Check out some of the best one-for-one deals in the region before booking your next holiday!

March holidays are around the corner, and I bet you are already making plans for a short but relaxing family holiday.

But do you find, that as you plan your next family getaway — researching the perfect destination, discovering the dream hotel and being a click away from booking — you suddenly realize that your budget only covers three nights, and not four as you originally wanted.

This has happened to me a couple of times, and I have always wondered, wouldn’t it be great, if the hotel would just throw in an extra night’s stay for free, after all we are paying for the other three (and we really really need this holiday, and the place is so lovely!).

You know what, sometimes, prayers do get answered – this time in the form of the highly recommended app – the Entertainer, which brings to you some of the best one-for-one deals for dining, adventure activities, retail and hotels!

So read on and find out more about some of the most exciting one-for-one deals in the top hotels across the region – brought to you by the Entertainer.


The Entertainer helps make holidays more fun

The Entertainer is an easy-to-use app, the premise of which is really simple: for every item that you buy, you get another one free. So if you were to buy one main meal at a restaurant, you will get another main meal (of the same or lesser value) absolutely free.

So, if you purchase a one-night hotel stay via the Entertainer, you will get an additional room night (of the same or lesser value) completely free of cost. Entertainer Travel hotel offers are subject to availability – best to book in advance.

And folks, you can be rest assured that there are no hidden catches or costs to any purchase made via the Entertainer.

The Entertainer SingaporeThe Entertainer app is available for iOS and Android via Apple, Google Play and Samsung Apps.

The app features convenient access to offers, a simple redemption process, location-based search and a savings tracker.

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