11 top-rated books to read to your child 2 years old and below

They're bright, loud, and full of fun!

There are many benefits of reading. A bedtime story each night boosts your child's literacy skills while stimulating his/her creativity. Even if your little one wants to read the same book over and over again, this also helps when learning new actions and words.

Some parents start reading as early as one-years-old with their kids. While you might wonder what's the right age to start reading, you also have to contend with which books to choose like "Do You See What I See?

Picking the right books usually means it contains sensible and age-appropriate content, while also having high reusability.

And last but not least, there should be important lessons to take away from the books.

Here are the top 11 books that children aged 2 years and below will benefit from reading.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This timeless classic is the perfect gift for young children. It has a special feature, die cuts, to bring the journey of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to life for your kids.

Author review:

Written in 1994, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a staple introductory reading book to young children. The bright colours capture your children's attention. Rich with educational content, your children will be exposed to days of the week, counting numbers related to food, and learn how to match corresponding colours. There's something new every time you and your children read it!

The Little Blue Box of Bright and Early Board Books by Dr. Seuss

With its charming design and orange handle, your kids will keep coming back to read more of the classic adventures. Four board books, Hop on PopOh, the Thinks You Can Think!Ten Apples Up On Top!; and The Shape of Me and Other Stuff are contained inside.

Author review:

Hit the road reading with Dr. Seuss! Tucked inside this cute little blue box topped with a plastic handle and secured by a tuck closure are board book editions of the classic Dr. Seuss titles . Ideal for the holidays, new mothers, and happy occasions of all kinds, this is a literacy-nurturing gift that babies can literally sink their teeth into!


Author of many books that inspired Oscar and Emmy winning feature films, Dr Seuss expands your children's creativity and sends them in a different fantasy world. Each story also comes with an important learning point for you to talk about afterwards as well!

Brown Bear

The 50th-anniversary edition of Brown Bear is in splendid colour in paperback, board back, and hardcover formats. To celebrate the special edition, you receive a CD with an audio recording from Eric Carle himself!

Author review:

Eric Carle's lovely tale of Brown Bear will capture your children's attention. Bold colours and beautiful rhythmic language makes reading about meeting a big happy frog, a plump purple cat, a handsome blue horse, and a soft yellow duck more enjoyable each time you open the book.

Room on the Broom

Read the New York Times bestseller picture book from master storyteller, Julia Donaldson as a board book!

Author review:

Follow a friendly witch and her collection of animals as they try to outwit a hungry dragon! It's full of rhymes and fun adventure! And the book is valuable in teaching children about the power of friendship.

Flashing Fire Engines

Flashing Fire Engines is available in board book and paperback and teaches children about fire safety.

Author review:

Flashing Fire Engines is full of bold colours and great for children to learn about the elements, as blazing fires are put out by water spurting from fire hoses. It's exciting to see this heroic trio save the day!

Dazzling Diggers

Learn how strong and noisy diggers are in this board book of bold colours as you follow a friendly animal construction crew.

Author review:

Your children are in for a treat! Dazzling Diggers is packed with rhymes and different onomatopoeic sounds. Follow the construction crew as the slosh, squelch, and bash to build and break. Who knew that diggers could be so fun?

The Pout-Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark

Follow Mr Fish as he heroically finds Ms. Clam’s lost pearl! Your children will learn important life lessons while learning about similes in this ocean-based adventure!

Author review:

The Pout-Pout Fish In The Big-Big Dark is full of energetic illustrations and beautiful language! The story helps to identify with children's fear of the dark and teaches how to depend on friends to manage anxiety. Your children will be brave after every read!

Thomas and Friends: My Red Railway Book Box

Four of the most popular Thomas The Tank Engine books are included in this exclusive box set, with a sturdy plastic handle and a velcro close for ease of opening. Perfect for reading on-the-go.

Author review:

The Thomas Bright and Early Board Book Box Set is a perfect gift for your children! You'll find "Go, Train, Go!", "Stop, Train, Stop!", "A Crack in the Track!", and, "Blue Train, Green Train" inside! At 10-15 pages long, you can read through all four at bedtime!

Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Join Bear and the gang as he tries his best to stay awake for Christmas. Learn different animals and their features through charming illustrations and flowing language.


Author review:

If you love Christmas, then this is a must-read! Bear's mission to stay awake for Christmas is a heartwarming tale of friendship and perseverance. They're rewarded with seeing a special guest that evening! Your children will enjoy the natural language and meaningful takeaways.

Hello, Bugs!

This beautifully illustrated book will capture your children's attention with every turn of the page. High-contrast features make each read entertaining and hard for your children to look away.

Author review:

We love this book! It can be introduced from a very young age, as early as even one month old! It can be stood up so your baby can look at it while sat up. The shiny, high contrast imagaery exposes your children to different colours and textures.



Elmer Board Book

Elmer is a bright and colourful book to read and admire for its touching message on embracing diversity. The sturdy and thick pages will withstand your child carrying it everywhere you go!

Author review:

Elmer is a beautiful book to read! It teaches your children how to embrace our differences and being self-confident. The brightly-coloured patchwork causes Elmer to be the butt of many jokes, but the tale of resilience pays off at the end.


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