Baltic teething remedy – Amber teething necklace

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Are you thinking of buying the amber teething necklace in Singapore? Read this article to find out why these baltic teething remedy necklaces are so popular among mums and where you can find them at a discount! Exclusively for theAsianparent readers!

Amber J Necklaces

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For centuries, families in Europe have been using amber necklaces for teething babies as a traditional aid. The Celts, Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Arabs and people from the Nordic regions all value the healing properties of amber.

Amber originates from prehistoric pine trees that date back 50 million years. When worn against the skin, the warmth emanated by the body releases succinic oils from the amber – which is known to have pain killing properties and heals wounds.

Nobel Prize winning scientist, Robert Koch, studied the properties of succinic acid and confirmed its positive traits. He also established its safety by determining that there was no danger of succinic acid building up within the body.

In TCM amber is also believed to calm the mind and spirit.

What are amber teething necklaces?

Amber necklaces used for teething babies are around 12 inches long and weigh in about 8 grams. They come in a variety of colours ranging from light yellow to dark honey. The lighter coloured necklaces are believed to be more effective.

Unlike teethers, these necklaces are not meant to be chewed or played with. According to online store, Amber J Necklaces, “Amber, if swallowed, is non-toxic, however, the necklace is a choking hazard. The necklace is not for chewing. The necklace should be worn directly against the skin, for example, under a shirt around the neck, or under a sock, around the ankles.”

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