5 Subtle Signs That You Have Hired A Bad Maid

5 Subtle Signs That You Have Hired A Bad Maid

These signs may not be noticeable, but they are important hints to help you find out if you hired the wrong maid...

Entrusting your child to a total stranger can be daunting. The last thing any parent wants to witness is bad maid signs.

Bad maid signs can be plain to see if you know what to look for. Maid horror stories around the world attest to just how difficult it is to find good help.

This makes it all the more important not only to screen potential maids thoroughly, but to maintain the same level of scrutiny once you have hired them.

So how can you find out for sure if you made the wrong decision?

Bad maid signs to watch out for:

1. A bad maid doesn’t accept feedback.

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Though you may give her the freedom to do things her own way, there are certain requests she should still follow, especially when it comes to your child.

If she is too stubborn to accept feedback, then this is a bad sign.

Reluctance to act on feedback can mean your helper is not a good collaborator. And it’s important to have teamwork to best care for your little one.

“The first few weeks were already horrible. She didn’t know how to follow simple instructions,” confided mum Kirsten S. on the parenting community theAsianparent Community.

2. She isn’t specific when answering questions.

If she gives vague answers, then she might be hiding something from you on purpose.

If she gets defensive when you ask for details, it might mean she feels her ability as a caregiver is being questioned.

3. She constantly makes comments about your parenting

5 Subtle Signs That You Have Hired A Bad Maid

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Even if she means well, one of the bad maid signs is that she undermines your authority.

Of course, she is free to have an opinion. But if she constantly pushes her own beliefs about childcare, then it will surely cause problems.

It is important to assert your authority in a civil way to inspire respect.

Jared M., a theAsianparent Community community member, believes it helps to let nannies know what your expectations are right off the bat.

“When they don’t deliver, take some time to correct them,” he wrote.

4. They are easily distracted or flustered.

When it comes to the welfare of your child, you want them to be cared for by someone who can handle anything.

If your maid panics or gets distracted easily, this could be a sign of immaturity.

This inability to focus can even put your kid in harm’s way. This happens all too often. One mum shared her bad maid experience on theAsianparent Community:

“When she was looking after my son, my son fell to the ground because the maid was dancing instead of holding my son,” said the mum.

5. Your child seems constantly exhausted and cranky.

5 Subtle Signs That You Have Hired A Bad Maid

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One of the main responsibilities of a maid is making sure the child left in their care is well-rested and well-fed.

If your child seems easily upset or tired, then your maid might not be doing her job.

At the end of the day, a good maid influences good behaviour in your child.

Is your maid still worth giving a second chance? Or is it best to just part ways for the good of your child?

These signs, though subtle, can help you decide.

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