Singapore DJ says maid "solicited sex, surfed porn and taught daughter to touch private parts"

Singapore DJ says maid "solicited sex, surfed porn and taught daughter to touch private parts"

How do you know if you have inadvertently hired a bad maid in Singapore? This DJ's experience will shock you!

How do you know if you have inadvertently hired a bad maid in Singapore?

Singapore DJ Dzar Ismail, of local Malay radio station Ria 89.7FM, learnt it the hard way when he realised that his maid was not who she seemed to be.

Bad maid in Singapore? Read this DJ’s experience

In a Facebook post and through FB live audio, Dzar Ismail details what exactly happened. Apparently, he had first hired the 24-year-old Indonesian maid in 2016, and she seemed nice and sincere.

She had been working with them for 1 year and 3 months.

She was required to dress decently at home, but that apart, Dzar and his wife didn’t place many restrictions on her.

In fact, they even provided her with, “a fully air-conditioned room, bed, dressing table, a wardrobe, unlimited allowance for food, clothings, sanitation, and have also allowed her to communicate with anyone via top-up cards that we buy.”

She was also allowed to rest at will. And that’s not all, “She was given free wi-fi, iPad for Youtube and Netflix during her rest hours. She was also allowed to have a phone to use as long as it doesn’t interfere with daily work.”

Pretty lavish, right?

Dzar and his family believed that all the niceness would be reciprocated, but in vain. He recently found out that she had a secret life…

What she was doing behind their backs

Dzar reveals that they decided to follow the maid on social media and Instagram (anonymously), after several friends and family members expressed suspicion.

What they found was truly shocking.

On Facebook, in a letter to the Singapore Ministry of Manpower, he lists down all her offences:

  • “Soliciting for sex”

bad maid in Singapore


In his FB live audio post, Dzar says the maid’s Facebook status gave them a shock.

She had written, “For a good time, come to my house. Give me 60 minutes, and you’ll be fine.”

Eh what?

  • “Drinking beer in my room”

bad maid in singapore


And then, she had also posted pictures of her drinking alcohol in the house. Dzar says that he would have been perfectly fine with it if she had done it on her day off, and when outside the house. 

But this to him, was totally unacceptable.

  •  “Taking a photo of my daughter while showering. Disclosing where we live to the public.”

Every parent worries most about the safety of his children.

Dzar reveals that the maid had even posted a picture of their 2.5 year old daughter taken while showering. And she even tagged their address in a shocking violation of privacy.

  • “Surfing pornography on her phone. Taught my daughter to open her legs and touch her private parts.”

Eventually, when they managed to confiscate her phone, they found out that she had been surfing porn.

Was that why their daughter always opened her legs and touched her private parts at bath time? 

Dzar suspects the maid of  “sexually grooming my daughter. We are also currently sending our daughter for psychiatric assessment.”

  • Wearing employers clothes and using their stuff when they are not around

bad maid in singapore


The maid also had an entirely different persona online, complete with employer’s make up and employer’s clothes (including those of Dzar :p)

  • Other alleged offences

He also lists down some other offences:

“Repeatedly gave my daughter expired food. We only found out after work when our daughter was vomiting badly. “

“Goes out of our house when we are asleep.”

“Send my daughter to school an hour early and after the drop off, goes to Clarke Quay and Lucky Plaza to meet her friends which made her late (2 hours) to pick up our daughter.”

Doesn’t it all sound scary?

Needless to say, the maid has since then been sent back to her home country.

Dzar has already lodged a formal complaint with relevant authorities. He hopes that by sharing his experience the maid will be blacklisted and forbidden from re-entering Singapore.

He writes, “I am willing to co-operate with ICA, SPF and other relevant authorities to make sure other employers do not go through the harrowing and traumatic experience that we have went through.”

“Be safe, people!”

Thank you, Dzar Ismail, for sharing your experience. It is indeed unimaginable that a maid would do something like this in the employer’s absence.

Mums and dads, please be safe and do your research before hiring a maid in Singapore. 

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