Choose the right diaper for your little explorer

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Find out how to ensure your little explorer's maximum comfort when he takes those memorable first steps! Merries diapers has a special promotion on for you, read on to find out more.


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Make sure your toddler’s diaper is super comfy and allows him to walk around without restrictions.

How fast time flies when you have a baby! You probably remember the time when he was just a helpless newborn like it was yesterday. Now, he’s rapidly approaching the age when he may take his first step any day.

A baby’s first step is certainly a momentous occasion for parents. When you see your own baby walking proficiently, your heart is sure to swell with pride and love.

It is also a reminder that your little one is growing up, as he moves toward being more mobile and independent. When your little one eventually starts walking, you’ll see just how excited he gets by exploring the world on his own two little feet.

However, you’ll also notice that with this increase in activity, your toddler will probably start perspiring so much that even his little bottom gets wet with sweat.

As a mum, you certainly don’t want to restrict your toddler’s increased activity levels.

But you also don’t want your child to get nasty rashes and red marks on his nappy area due to diapers that can’t keep his skin dry or are not soft or flexible enough.

It is therefore essential for his diaper to have exceptional breathability, good absorbency, and high comfort levels. After all, we all want a Happy Baby, Smiling Mummy!


Mums such as Bloggerati by Nuffnang, Qiuting endorse Merries diapers. Happy Baby, Smiling Mummy

A good diaper, such as Merries Walker Pants, will enable your little one to continue exploring her world in comfort. It has a comfy fit, great breathability and absorbency and it provides dryness and comfort catered to your active toddler’s needs.

Mums recommend Merries.

Says one blogger mum, Bloggerati by Nuffnang, Qiuting, “Since the day Meredith was born, I have never experienced leakage with Merries and even through the night, the diapers remained dry. She has a soft smooth bum since birth, thanks to the softness and absorbency of Merries!”

These diapers are specially designed to allow air to flow freely from every part of the diaper, releasing humidity from sweat and pee, thus providing exceptional breathability. Also, because they are pull-up pants, change time with your active toddler is made so much easier.

What’s more, Merries diapers are made in Japan, backed by research and following high quality standards to ensure your little one’s comfort.

Read on to find out why Merries Walker Pants are the right choice for your active toddler

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