Unleash your creativity at Arteastiq

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Whether you’re an art novice or planning to be the next Picasso, painting just got even more fun with art jamming.

art jamming

Art jamming lets you paint alongside good company.

theAsianparent writer, Dinah explores her inner Picasso at Arteastiq. Read on to find out more on her first art jamming experience.

Drawing, painting, sketching, and illustrating are talents I always wished I had. So when I found out that the next company outing was an art jamming at Arteastiq, I was thrilled! Not only do I get to paint, but it’s also going to be a fun way to bond with my colleagues.

Art jamming: paint as you socialise

Arteastiq is half café, half painting space. You can sip your tea or cuppa as you create your very own masterpiece. You’re given the liberty to explore your creative side and paint as you please.


theAsianparent team painting away.

For those of you who have not been to Arteastiq, this art studio-cum-café is nestled in the corner of Mandarin Gallery. The art studio easily gets noticed by passersby because of its full glass bay windows that give a glimpse of the budding artists painting away inside.

There are two areas at Arteastiq at opposite ends of each other: the art studio and the café. The atmosphere is filled with the smell of food and the chatter of fellow café patrons. Despite that, it’s not all that distracting for those who are busy in the art jamming studio.

art jamming

Time to get messy.

Be it for team bondings, events, or even date nights, the studio allows up to a total of 30 people.

What else can you expect at Arteastiq? More details on the next page.

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