Are babies born with a personality?

Are babies born with a personality?

Are babies born with a personality? Parents, read up and understand your baby personality. Find out what physicians and child psychologists have been telling us about this topic.

Baby personality

Each and every baby’s personality is unique…do you know your baby’s?

The answer to that question is yes. Physicians and child psychologists have been telling us for years that babies are born with personalities–and have the research to prove it. But research or not, it doesn’t take a genius to see the differences in babies; how they react to noise, stimulation, changes in routine, strangers, and so on.

Baby personality: The mellow baby

Mellow babies are laid back, are not over-anxious around noise or a flurry of activity and usually don’t have an aversion to strangers or different routines. A mellow baby’s personality is usually one in which they are usually the last ones to roll over, crawl, walk and talk. Some mellow babies grow to be students who are a little on the slow end of the learning curve while others pick up on things quickly and easily. Mellow babies almost always grow up to be mellow adults.

Baby personality: Colicky baby

While it is true a colicky baby is suffering from a physical ailment, colicky babies display definite personality characteristics. Babies who are colicky are nervous and have difficulty dealing with loud noises, sudden movements and people who are agitated or gruff. Colicky babies have tense muscles and tend to handle stress poorly and are more prone to anxiety as they mature to teens and adulthood.

Baby personality: Shy baby

Another personality type is that of being shy or withdrawn. Shy babies react to unfamiliar people and situations in the same way shy children react to unfamiliar people and situations. Shy babies are usually happy, smiling and easily entertained as long as they feel safe and secure. Shy babies usually grow up to work alone or in small groups. They have few close friends and are extremely loyal.

Baby personality: Mr. or miss personality

Some babies are happy-go-lucky, always have a smile on their face and don’t know a stranger. These babies are adaptable to most any situation and just go with the flow. Happy babies can be slow learners in the fact that they are too busy having fun to take school seriously or they excel at everything they do because they put so much energy and effort into it.

What is your baby’s personality type?

There are quizzes you can take to find out your baby’s personality type, but by being an observant parent who is tune to your child’s actions and reactions, you should be able to figure this one out on your own without too much trouble.

Will my baby’s personality change

Study after study shows that a baby’s personality type goes with them throughout their lifetime. This isn’t to say you can’t encourage a happy-go-lucky student take their studies more seriously or help a shy child gain more confidence in new surroundings. But rather than try to make-over a child who is more anxious than another only puts more stress on the child. Instead, work with, rather than against, your child’s personality traits to help them grow into the wonderful, unique individual they are.

Do you know your baby’s personality type?


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