Study shows that Singaporean mums have unrealistic expectations of retirement

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The findings of the Singaporeans Mums Retirement Aspirations Survey 2015 show that a whopping 75% of mothers have not thought about their retirement. Read on to know more.


Mums in Singapore are so focussed on their kids and the here and now that they don’t always plan for their own retirement future.

Are you, like other mums around you, so caught up in the here and now of bringing up kids and planning their futures, that you have neglected your own needs and planning for your future – including your retirement planning?

According to the Singaporean Mums Retirement Aspirations Survey 2015 conducted by’s Insights team in collaboration with AIA, Singapore, majority of the mums in the country have an unrealistic expectation of their life post retirement and have not planned and prepared for it adequately.

While mums make monthly provisions in their budgets for expenses such as dining out, family vacations and enrichment classes for their kids, they are not setting aside funds for their own retirement.

Out of the 600 Singaporean mums surveyed, 75% have not yet started planning for it; 44% plan to rely on their children post retirement; only 25% think that they will have enough funds for their ideal retirement lifestyle.

All of the mums surveyed are in their 30s, and includes both stay-at-home as well as full-time working mums.

According to Ameetess Dira,’s Regional VP of Strategy & Client Services, “The usually savvy Singapore mum who is making the right choices for her children, and seems to be in control of situations, appears not to plan for her own retirement. From this study, it’s clear that there should be more public awareness about the importance of retirement planning.”

Here are Singaporean mothers’ expectations of their retirement, in numbers.

AIA mums retirement survey


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