3 unique staycation ideas in Singapore

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Dreaming of a perfect staycation that does not cost a bomb? Here are some ideas to consider...

Fancy a staycation on an island with a sandy beach and lagoon for swimming? In a holiday bungalow that  can accommodate 10 people and which costs less than $20 per day?

Didn’t manage to book holidays for the long weekend or school holidays? Fret not – we have put together some unique staycation ideas for you and your loved ones.

1. An idyllic getaway at St. John’s Island

affordable staycation in singapore


The treasures of St. John’s and Lazarus Islands await you. Linked by a causeway, the 2 islands offer a wonderful respite from the hectic pace of our urban jungle. The coconut trees and benches on St. John’s Island; and the white sand beach and turquoise waters of Lazarus Islands are some of Singapore’s best-kept secrets. It is said that St. John’s Island was once considered a candidate for today’s Sentosa Cove as we know it.

There is a holiday bungalow on St. John’s Island that can be booked for a stretch of 3 days or a week. The rates range between $53.50 for 3-weekdays and $107 for Fri- Sun. Prices double during the school holidays. Considering it can sleep up to 10 people, that’s a ridiculously affordable price of $7 per person per day for the most expensive weekend school holiday price for an island getaway!

Add in the cost of return ferry tickets at $18 and some food for picnics on the beach and to cook in the kitchen, the total price should come up to less than $70 per person in total for a 3-day staycation. This is the most affordable island getaway close to home you can get.

Do note though that St. John’s Island had a chequered history. In the early 1900s, it was used as a quarantine centre for immigrants who were infected with cholera and beri-beri. It was also used to house political prisoners.

For cat lovers, St. John’s Island has many beautiful pure-bred cats roaming the island.

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