Achieving Milestones

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Find out more about your child's developmental milestones after 6 months - and how you can help him achieve them.

Each of your child’s first has special significance. The first book he finishes on his own may start a life-long love for reading. The first sport he plays, the first drawing he shows you and the first friend he makes; it’s instinctive to know that these firsts or milestones are important not only because they may be the beginning of something wonderful but these activities are also demonstrate that your child is learning something new. These important developmental milestones reflect 360° development in Cognitive, Motor, Emotional and Communication skills that help your child excel in learning.

Track your child’s 360° development using the guide below:

Key skill area What it controls After 6 months old milestone


Thought processing such as
knowing shapes, colours and what ordinary things are for, i.e., spoon, brush.

  • Explores playthings in new ways (touching, banging)
  • Understands that objects have names
  • Looks and listens simultaneously


Body coordination and movement such as walking, sitting and drinking unaided.

  • Pulls up to standing position
  • Feeds self though messily
  • Points and pokes with his index finger


Interaction such as imitating others and beginning to play with other kids.

  • Shows increased affection with family
  • Waves goodbye
  • Watches for your reactions


Language, such as saying several single words or simple sentences.

  • Holds out arms to be picked up
  • Responds to simple questions and one-step commands
  • May say early words (‘mama’ for mother’)


When it comes to achieving these milestones, it’s best to fuel your child’s 360° development with right nutrition and stimulation. Nutrition helps provide essential nutrients such as DHA, ARA and Choline. Stimulation helps to strengthen connections in a child’s brain while encouraging milestone development 360° development for your child’s exceptional learning.

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