Shocking! Newborn thrown over wall with her umbilical cord still attached!

Shocking! Newborn thrown over wall with her umbilical cord still attached!

The abandoned newborn girl was discovered by locals after she was believed to have been thrown over a wall and into a filthy courtyard.

Authorities have rescued an abandoned newborn girl in China. Residents found the child abandoned in a dirty courtyard with her umbilical cord and her mother's placenta nearby.

The Abandoned Newborn Girl Was Thrown Over the Wall

abandoned newborn girl The abandoned newborn girl lying in a dirty courtyard.

Residents of Xiade Village in Fuzhou City's Mawei District in Eastern China were the ones to discover the newborn. They found the baby behind a six-foot wall. It is believed she was thrown over the wall, shortly after being born.

Police have yet to confirm if this is indeed what actually happened. However, it seems consistent with the numerous injuries that she received.

Media reports added that the newborn suffered a fractured skull, as well as internal bleeding. Amazingly, she survived despite the severe injuries.

Paramedics first took the newborn to a nearby hospital, and then transferred her to a larger one soon after.

One doctor said that the newborn was brought to them twitching, with bruises around her mouth, and with injuries to her lungs and heart.

Thankfully, she is now in stable condition and doctors are looking forward to her quick recovery.

Police are also urging the public to share any information they know about the child's parents. They will potentially face charges for abandoning the child.

In China, abandonment of baby girls is more common as parents usually prefer having sons rather than daughters.

Many Couples Have Shown Interest in Adopting the Girl

Photos and videos of the abandoned newborn girl have also gone viral. 

Since the news of the abandoned newborn girl broke on Chinese social media, lots of people have visited the newborn girl.

Additionally, numerous couples have also expressed interest in adopting the child. Hopefully, the abandoned newborn girl would be able to be with a loving family that will care for her.

WARNING: The video below shows some graphic images



Photo screencapped from video. 

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