A Healthy Child Learns More

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A child’s learning begins with early brain development in his childhood. While early brain development sets the foundation for future learning, it is also important to establish his immunity.

A child’s physical wellbeing can affect his sleep, appetite and mood which in turn affects his ability to focus, concentrate and learn.


A child’s health is one of parents’ main concerns.

A well-functioning immune system is also crucial in young children as health problems could potentially interfere with brain development.

The vast majority (about 70%) of a child’s immune system lies in the digestive tract, providing first line defense against ingested pathogenic bacteria and other organisms1. Thus, maintaining a healthy gut can help support your child’s immune health2.

What are prebiotics?

The presence of good digestive bacteria is crucial for a healthy gut. Prebiotics are a type of non-digestible carbohydrate that is found in foods including some fruits and vegetables.

Prebiotics selectively feed the good bacteria found naturally in the digestive tract. Emerging science suggests prebiotics may support your child’s immune development and function in the intestinal tract3.


A strong immune system is vital for a child’s health.

Examples of non-digestible carbohydrates include, but not limited to: galactooligosaccharides (GOS), polydextrose (PDX), inulin, and fructooligosaccharides (FOS).

Studies have shown that larger, more complex carbohydrates such as PDX and inulin feeds beneficial bacteria throughout the large intestine, while short-chain carbohydrates such as GOS and FOS does the same in the right side of the large intestine4.

Thus, a combination of specific long-chain and short-chain carbohydrates works throughout the large intestine for a more complete support than one of these prebiotics alone.

At this time, many moms are concerned with hard stools and often discuss this issue with their pediatricians. In general, prebiotics can help regulate the absorption of water inside the digestive system and in doing so promotes softer stool.


A healthy child learns better.

Keeping your child healthy should certainly be one of your top priorities as he explores and learn about the world. Make sure your child gets the right nutrients that help support optimal learning for well-rounded development.