6 Things you should do before your baby turns 1 year old

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Your baby's first year will come and go faster than you can imagine, so parents, enjoy every minute of it!

Your baby’s first year may be full of tears—yours included—but this year will come and go before you know it. Here are some things you should definitely do with your baby before they turn one year old, as compiled from Romper, Fit Pregnancy, and Babble.

1. Babywear

Now’s the time to get the most out of your baby sling/carrier. You won’t be able to wear your baby like this forever. Cherish the months when all you had to do was swaddle your baby up in a sling to get him to zonk out blissfully on your chest.

before baby turns 1

2. Dress them in an adorable costume

Sure, you’ll still be able to dress your child in cute costumes in the future, but there’s just something extra cute about small babies in costume. Make the most of these years—it won’t be long before your baby won’t be as obliging with your little whims.

3. Show your baby the world

If you can, go traveling with your baby. Though she probably won’t remember any of your travels, it can be much easier to travel with a baby than with a toddler, so now’s your chance to see the sights with the least complications possible. It’ll give you that boost of positivity that you’ll need!

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