3 ways to recycle your used baby items in Singapore

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Is your home cluttered with old baby clothes and toys? Here are best ways to get rid of preloved baby items and to free that space for new things to come!

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Mums, it’s time to say goodbye!

Having a hard a time figuring out how to get rid of used baby items that have been piling up in your home?

Here are three surefire ways to help you declutter and get started on enjoying a home free of unnecessary things.

1. Sell your preloved baby items

Pre-loved Baby Goods Group on Facebook

There are many second hand groups on Facebook that love to get baby goods. Utilise such platforms to get rid of your unwanted baby items.

One such group is the Preloved baby goods group brought to you by theAsianparent.com, which has about 17,000 active mums!

Garage sale

Gather some of your mummy friends and their kids, who are around the same age as your kids, and throw a huge (baby) garage sale together!

Make sure to advertise on various online forums to get more free publicity. Ask each mum participating in the garage sale to circulate the news to her own friends and contacts (via email, Facebook and Twitter).

You could also list all the items online that you’re selling, so when buyers search for specific items by name on the Internet, your blog will come up first and will lead the way to your garage sale.

Here’s a tip: When you set up the physical garage sale, you should organise clothes by size (or age or gender) and give bulk discounts on them! Your goal is to get rid of used baby items — not become richer.

get rid of used baby items in Singapore, garage sale

Who knows? One mum’s trash may be another mum’s treasure!


This is a popular Singapore-based app. Carousell allows you to conveniently put items up for sale. Simply take a photo of the clothes you want to sell, add the description and voila! Now just wait for potential buyers to chat with you (online) if they are interested.

Look out the category called ‘Baby & Kids’ on the app.

Download Carousell for free on iOs and Google Play Store.


Posting an ad on Craigslist is easy and will do the job in no time! Just like Facebook; register an account, upload a photo and instead of writing a short description of yourself — you write about wanting to get rid of used baby items.

However, do take note: dodgy things sometimes take place on Craiglist, so stay alert.

Have something that holds too many memories? Click on the next page to see how you can epicycle items. 

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