12 age-appropriate toys your toddler will love

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Is your little one fast outgrowing baby toys? Here are some ultra-fun toys that will keep him or her entertained for hours!

Your wriggly baby is fast becoming a walking toddler, and starting to outgrow a lot of toys! The best word to describe your 12-18 month old is probably 'active'. They are steadier on their feet, more coordinated with their hands, and they are ready to take on the world (while you chase them down). 

At this age range, your tot will love to feed their budding imagination with more complex toys.

Here are some great ideas for toys to entertain your busy bee.

1) Rocking horse

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Toddlers this age are taking their first steps. Rocking horses crafted by toy companies like Fisher-Price can train a more confident walker! Rocking back and forth hones your tot's sense of balance, leg and core muscles. 

2) Ride-on toys

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Your little walker loves moving about at this age, and ride-on toys make for a mini speed rush! Tractors, princess cars, Thomas the Tank Engine... whatever design your tot can dream up is probably out there. Once their muscle strength and coordination are well-developed, they can move on to tricycles and two-wheelers. 

3) LEGO® DUPLO® bricks 

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Building bricks are a great way to let your child's imagination run wild. At the same time, stacking the bricks sharpens their spatial skills and hand-eye coordination. LEGO® DUPLO® bricks are sturdy and twice the size of ordinary LEGO ones, making them easy for your tot to pick up.

4) Stacking cups 

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This old favourite is suitable for a wide age range. As your toddler grows more advanced, he or she can sort them by size, colour, and anything else he dreams up! Not only will tots learn fine motor skills, they can also have the sheer pleasure of crashing the stack over.

5) Shape sorters

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At 12-18 months, your toddler is ready to test out his fledgling problem-solving skills — shape-sorter toys make for a fun challenge. Sit alongside them and teach them the names of shapes as they play! 

6) Ball pit

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Which child doesn't love diving into a pit of soft, bouncy balls? Your active tots can work off their excess energy while strengthening their sensory motor skills. 

7) Toddler slide 

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Slides are the staple of every playground — tots never tire of climbing and sliding over and over. This also develops their balance and coordination.

Bonus: some ball pits come with a slide, so get the set for that extra-special thrill!

8) Trampoline 

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If your exuberant tot is (figuratively) bouncing off the walls, trampolines are a great option for channelling that extra energy.

To prevent injuries, you may want to avoid having your toddler bounce independently. Instead, bounce them gently with your hands while they lie, sit or stand on the trampoline. 

9) Musical instruments

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With their bright colours and fascinating sounds, toddler instruments like pianos or guitars will be a huge hit with the little ones. This is great for giving them a sense of rhythm and musical patterns early on, prepping them for future musical talents. 

10) Playhouse

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Playhouses are a source of unlimited fun for your naturally creative toddler. Even the simplest playhouse can occupy tots for hours as they play pretend, transforming it into a fortress, pirate ship, or fairy palace!

11) Bubble blowing

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Bubbles are a guaranteed source of entertainment for kids — now that your tot can walk, he'll have lots of fun chasing these magical orbs. 

12) Colouring kits

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Colouring pictures remains a timeless favourite for kids everywhere. Plus, toddlers pick up fine motor skills and concentration by learning to colour within the lines. Get washable crayons or one of Crayola's Mess-Free Colouring sets and you won't even need to clean up after playtime. 

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