10 signs that say you’re baby-ready!

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How do you know when you are ready to be a parent? The answer is - it’s such a life-changing point in your life, no-one is really fully prepared for what it entails. However, here are some signs that suggest that you are ready to put on those extra pounds and sacrifice the spare room for a nursery.


Here’s how you tell if you’re ready for a baby

1. You both itch to own a pup

Or any pet for that matter. You are obviously portraying the mother instinct of having the urge to nurture, feed and have some form of responsibility. And you are clearly prepared to part with some cash for pet food and vet bills.

Could this longing for a pet be hiding your need to become a mummy? Is this secretly a test for your other half to see how he deals with it? If you find yourself talking about your pet incessantly, dressing it up, canceling nights out or rushing home to give your pet a cuddle, needless to say, its time for you to get a baby.

2. You prefer a night in to a night out

Yes, it happens! Even to the best of us. The thought of relaxing on your sofa with a pizza and watching some TV is far more appealing then dressing up and going out to paint the town red. This lifestyle shows you are ready for a baby!

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