Ways to get rid of lizards at home

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A new mother decided to make her home lizard free, for the health and safety of her child. So she dug up some information and some easy-to-do tips.


Of all the common household rodents, rats and lizards are perhaps the most bothersome. While there are certain areas of Singapore like the skate park, where the pest problems are especially troublesome, pests like lizards can be found almost everywhere.

Whether or not you consider your pest problem troublesome enough to warrant pest control, when you have a baby around the house, the last thing you want is are reptiles spreading germs across your home.

Pest control companies like Rentokil Singapore have had a great track record in exterminating bothersome pests in a non-toxic manner. They come highly recommended for getting rid of almost all kinds of pests.

However, if you don’t want to do something that disruptive and expensive, there are several less costly methods that you can try yourself at home.

Way to get rid of Lizards - DIY

Since I had a small baby when I decided to make my home lizard free, the first thing on my mind was the safety of my child. So I dug up some information on how to get rid of lizards and got myself some easy-to-do tips.

First I got myself some double sided scotch tape. A quick trip to Popular or any other bookstore and you can arm yourself with all the supplies that you may need.

I pasted this scotch tape all around the places where I usually saw the lizards roam around. If you don’t have a clue about the pests’ whereabouts, you can start off around door gaps, rubbish chutes and gaps in windows.

This way you seal off all entry points and when the lizards that are already inside try to leave, they will get stuck to the scotch tape. Once they are stuck, simply remove the tape and throw it away, only to seal the vent shut once again.

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