9 types of crazy husbands – yours ain’t that bad!

Written by Meiling Wong Chainani

You know what they say, "Love is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get."

The worst husbands
If you’re mad at your husband again for working overtime or not helping out with the kids, or worse, forgetting your anniversary, let it go. These transgressions are minor compared to the crazy things THESE husbands do. Take a good look at your husband; maybe he is not so bad after all.
Crazy Husband #1 – The Serial Cheater

Now, we all know that some men cheat, but these men give new meaning to the word “infidelity”. There is no lapse in judgement; no irresistible temptations.

Serial cheaters live with the delusion that all women are in love with them. Their cheating is calculated, deliberate and unconscionable. It is difficult to spot a serial cheater as they are the ones who always call you when they say they will, and are always readily available to you. The unassuming wife would think that she had found the perfect man until the bubble burst and she discovers the web of lies and women in tow.

Famous celebrity serial cheaters are Joel Nieh, Vivian Chow’s husband, Tiger Woods, David Letterman and Arnold Schwarzenegger, just to name a few.
Crazy Husband #2 – The Control Freak

These husbands are mean and controlling, and will resort to any means to manipulate their wives into submission. On the outside, these men appear to be prime catch, but woe to the women who become their wives.

These men control you with a range of behaviours from overt, physical, domestic violence to clandestine verbal and emotional blackmail. They make all the rules; you have to follow. They are always right and you are always wrong. Whenever things go right, you haven’t done enough, whenever things go wrong, it is always your fault. Some famous celebrity abusers are Charlie Sheen, Alec Balwin and Mel Gibson.
Crazy Husband #3 – The Compulsive Gambler

Compulsive gambling is the uncontrollable urge to continue gambling despite the harmful negative consequences. A compulsive gambler is prone to chasing bets, and may resort to lying, cheating or stealing to support this lifestyle.

Spouses and family living with a compulsive gambler are usually wrought with acute mental and emotional stress, laden with mounting debts and even 2nd or 3rd mortgage loans. Often, compulsive gamblers also have alcoholic and physical abuse tendencies.
Crazy Husband #4 – The Porn or Sex Addict

What do Michael Douglas, Robbie Williams, Jack Nicholson and former US president Bill Clinton have in common? They are all sex addicts. Dr Martha Lee, Founder and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching clarifies “the difference between somebody who is sexual compulsive and ‘oversexed’ is that the former cannot stop his behaviour, whilst the latter might have a higher sexual drive than ‘normal’ people. Closely related to sex addiction is pornographic addiction.

While it is common knowledge that pornography is a rite of passage for most young men, some attain a gradual craving for pornographic images (still or moving) to satisfy their daily urges. Like most addiction, it is a condition that requires professional help.
Crazy Husband #5 – The Game Addict / the Sports Maniac

They don’t call you a ‘Sport widow’ for nothing. A sports addict or game fanatic becomes so occupied with their sports on TV or games on their computers; they become obsessive with anything and everything to do with that particular sport or game. You can forget about having any conversations, meals or any acknowledgement from these addicts.

How do you know if your husband is a game or sports addict? When they prioritise weekly Soccer or Cricket matches on the telly over dates with you, or when they invite soccer kakis over for sports night regularly without informing you.
Crazy Husband #6 – The Closet Gay

It’s shocking to discover your husband’s affair with another woman. Can you imagine finding out about him being in love with another MAN? While we have not done any local studies, the Centers for Disease Control (and Prevention), CDC in the United States, estimates that at least 4 million women have been involved with men that have had sex with other men! And according to the Family Pride Coalition, 20% of all gay men in America are in heterosexual marriages.

Most of us do not even see it coming. A look, a touch or hug with another man that lasts a little too long or seems to be intimate. The other extreme that could be a tick off, is if he exhibits highly homophobic behaviour.
Crazy Husband #7 – The Zoophile

Zoo-what? The zoophilia, also known as zoosexuality and bestiality, is the practice of sex between humans and animals. A person who practices zoophilia is known as a zoophile. While sex with animals is not outlawed in some countries such as Finland, Denmark, Germany and Mexico, it is illegal under the animal abuse laws in most countries.

Although it is not common, there have been several documented cases of men engaging in acts of bestiality with cows, horses and dogs. For example, the Balinese man caught having sex with a cow in Indonesia. He claimed she (the cow) seduced him!
Crazy Husband #8 – The Serial Killer

Is your husband a serial killer? Carole Ann Boone’s husband is the infamous Ted Bundy who killed at least 38 women. She married him during his trials and after numerous conjugal visits, conceived and gave birth to his daughter. The term ‘serial killer’ is attributed to Bundy’s fame.

In Singapore, the most famous serial killer is Adrian Lim of the Toa Payoh ritual murders in 1981. He was ‘married’ to Tan Mui Choo and Hoe Kah Hong who helped him lure children as blood sacrifices to the Hindu goddess Kali, as a decoy to the rape charges the police were investigating against him. Thankfully the trio were caught after the murder of a nine-year-old girl and a 10-year old boy. The trio, were sentenced to death.
Crazy Husband #9 – The Stalker

When relationships end, most time the parties involved are able to move on. Sometimes, this is not the case and there are those who become obsessed with their ex-spouse.

Stalkers find it near impossible let go of a person and think they need to be around them or know where they are all the time.


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