The ultimate guide to cat cafés in Singapore

The ultimate guide to cat cafés in Singapore

Freshly brewed coffee and delicious artisanal pastries in a place filled with adorable felines? Count me in

Calling all cat lovers! Unless you've been living under a rock, you would have noticed that there has been a growing number of cat cafés in Singapore opening over the last few years.

If you're genuinely clueless, no worries – we've got your back! We've prepared a complete guide to the cat cafés in Singapore, so get ready for an abundance of fur balls!

Cat Cafés In Singapore:

#1 Cat Café Neko No Niwa

Cat Cafés In Singapore

Image credit: Cat Café Neko No Niwa

Known as one of the first cat cafés in Singapore, Neko No Niwa which means Cat Garden in Japanese, was opened by two cat lovers who wanted to bring their experience of cat cafés from Japan to Singapore. Also, all of the cats in this café were adopted!

Kids must be at least seven years old and above and be supervised by an adult. Students also get a complimentary hot chocolate when they present their student pass upon payment! For more information and reservation, visit their website or call 6536 5319.

Location: 54A Boat Quay #02 Singapore 049843

Opening hours: Mondays: 11am-10pm, Wednesdays to Fridays: 11am-10pm, Saturdays-Sundays: 10am-10pm, Closed on Tuesdays

Pricing: $12 onwards

#2 The Cat Café

Cat Cafés In Singapore

Image credit: The Cat Café Instagram

The Cat Café is the perfect combination of feline, pastries, tea and coffee. Their menu items are also freshly prepared in the café itself. Their cats are either ex-stray or adopted and they also come with adorable names such as Tuxedo and Fruitcake!

Kids must be at least six years old and above. Also, those under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Also, The Cat Café does not take reservations and is purely based on a first come first served basis. For more information, visit their website or call 63386815.

Location: Bugis Village, 241B Victoria St Singapore 188030

Opening hours: Mondays: 3pm-10pm, Tuesdays-Sundays, Public Holidays: 10am-10pm

Pricing: $15 onwards

#3 Meomi Cat Café

Cat Cafés In Singapore

Image credit: Meomi Cat Café Facebook

Just a walking distance away from The Cat Café, Meomi Cat Café is filled with filled with seven adorable felines that will keep you entertained while you enjoy freshly baked desserts and coffee.

They have a range of breeds that are not commonly found in Singapore households such as the American Curl, Scottish Fold and even the very majestic Maine Coon! Kids must be at least four years old and accompanied by an adult. For more information, visit their Facebook or call 6296 0339.

Location: 668 North Bridge Road Singapore 188801

Opening hours: Opened daily 11am-10pm

Pricing: $11 onwards

#4 The Company of Cats

Cat Cafés In Singapore

Image credit: Company of Cats Instagram

This cat café is filled with sofas, books and friendly felines that are surprisingly, very comfortable at playing dress up! The cats here are all rescued, which means they were either abandoned or strayed.

Look forward to the Russian Blue siblings; Sasha and Lenin that are so different personality wise, with Sasha being a real "people-cat" and Lenin being known as the shyest of all the cats in the cafe. This is truly one of the most unique cat cafés in Singapore!

Kids must be at least seven years old and accompanied by an adult. For more information, visit their website or call 6220 3835.

Location: 6B Mosque St Singapore 059486

Opening hours: Saturdays - Mondays: 11am-10pm Tuesdays to Fridays: 12pm-10pm

Pricing: $14 onwards

#5 Cat Museum

Cat Cafés In Singapore

Image credit: The Cat Museum

A museum for cats? The Cat Museum deserves to be on this list! Opened in 2014, it features a cross-eyed mascot named Harry and also 3 storeys of photographs and history of feline. Also, some of the commissioned pieces will be put on sale.

In a partnership with The Cat Welfare Society, The Cat Museum encourages adoption. Any cats roaming around on the third floor will be up for adoption. Patrons can interact and play with the 9 rescued resident cats with the variety of cat toys located on the third floor. For more information, visit their website or call 6336 2133.

Location: 8 Purvis Street, #02-02 Singapore 188587

Opening hours: Fridays: 4.30pm-7.30pm Saturdays - Sundays: 12pm-7.30pm, Temporarily closed from 3.30pm-4.30pm daily

Pricing: $9, Free admission for kids below the age of 6 years old

Mummies and daddies, have you been to any of these cat cafes in Singapore? Share your experience with us!

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Written by

Aisyah Amin

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