4 tips for helping kids get back to school

4 tips for helping kids get back to school

Just as soon as the holidays have started, the end is now in sight. It’s time to prepare your kids for the start of a school term. Read on for tips on how to prepare to get back to school.

Back to School Tip 1: Homework

It is important to make sure your child has finished any and all homework given in the holidays. The holidays are an extended period where children tend to take a backseat from revision and studying.

The homework that is given serves to ensure that though the workload has lessened, the learning does not stop. You wouldn’t want your child to get in trouble on the first day of going back to school as well.

For starters, make time for homework each day. It could just be a half an hour slot for your child to complete different segments of his work. Not only does this lead to the completion of all the work, but it also helps in daily revision.

Back to School Tip 2: Back to the routine

In the holidays, kids are sleeping at a variety of times, mostly later than they are used to during school days. This is accepted during the holidays because besides the occasional tuition or CCA practice.

But when it gets closer to the school term, late nights will become detrimental to your kid’s concentration in school.

Ease your kids back into the groove by slowly implementing a bed time. If your child usually sleeps at midnight in the holidays, cut it to 11pm for a few days, then 10pm for a week, finally bring it down to 9pm or whatever other time you deem fit.

By slowly fixing an earlier bedtime, you are helping your kid’s bodyclock adjust.

Back to School Tip 3: Tuition

Though some may not agree with extensive tuition, perhaps a bit of extra classes every now and then would help your child get back on his feet in time for school.

When holidays arrive, kids then to forget all they have learnt for the past term and focus instead on enjoying themselves. In order to remain in touch with their syllabuses, kids could be scheduled for tuition maybe once or twice a week.

Just remember that too much tuition could stress your child, who is supposed to be enjoying his holidays. Schedule just the right amount of tuition to keep your kid in touching distance from his studies.

Back to School Tip 4: Encouragement

Kids dread going back to school, the same way adults hate heading back to their office after a nice holiday. Luckily for kids, they have parents who are there to guide them and make them feel better about unpleasant experiences in their childhoods.

Be there every step of the way for your kid as he prepares to return to school. Help him pack his bag, check his timetable, you could even prepare his first breakfast in the morning. Soothe his fears and tell him you will be there when he gets back from his first day in school.

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