10 thoughtful Father's Day gift ideas that won't cost a cent

Having trouble figuring out what to get the best dad in the world? Here are some sweet and absolutely FREE gift ideas!

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Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts don’t need to cost very much. If you’ve been browsing the Father’s Day sales without seeing anything dad will like, here are some great gift ideas that he’s sure to appreciate.

The best part is that the kids can also help make these lovely gifts, making them truly meaningful. 

1) Car play T-shirt

Image Credit: The Blue Basket

All dads would love a fun T-shirt to wear about the house, especially one designed by the adoring hands of their family. You only need a white T-shirt, some fabric markers, and a dose of creativity!

To turn your T-shirt into a gift that keeps giving, transform the back into a map of car tracks. Dad can enjoy a ‘massage’ as the kids race toy cars all over his drowsy back.

Click here for the full tutorial by The Blue Basket.

2) ‘Do Not Disturb’ door hanger

Image Credit: Made By Joel

This thoughtful gift is something that your busy dad will definitely appreciate. Grab your markers and cardstock to craft this simple, yet ultra-useful “Do Not Disturb” hanger. And of course, be sure to respect the sign whenever dad hangs it at his door!

Click here for the full tutorial by Made By Joel

3) Chore coupons

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This classic gift is always a hit with parents. Dad has tons of chores to do about the house — coupons that give him a day off from cleaning, laundry duty and so on will help lighten his load. To make him smile even wider, slip in a few coupons for a free hug and back rub.

4) Lego desk organiser

Image Credit: Real Simple

If dad could use a little help organising his stationary, give him this adorable desk organiser designed out of LEGO bricks! Tape on a sweet family photo to make him smile as he’s working. 

Click here for the full tutorial by Real Simple

5) List of reasons you love him

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Father’s Day is the perfect time to tell dad you love him — and why. Sit down with the whole family and put together a list of reasons you love dad. This is guaranteed to make his heart melt — prepare for one of his patented dad bear hugs!

6) Hand print tie

Image Credit: Tip Junkie

Give dad’s wardrobe a dash of colour with a homemade handprint tie! All you need is a white or light-coloured tie and some fabric paint. Finger-paint, hand-print, stencil the tie to make dad look his best.

Click here for the full tutorial by Tip Junkie

7) Share his favourite hobby

Sometimes time is the best gift we can give our loved ones. Clear your schedule for the whole day and spend time doing dad’s favourite hobby. Whether it’s watching old movies, playing basketball, or fishing, dad will be touched that you care to share it with him. 

8) Car wash

If the family car is your dad’s pride and joy, give it a special wash to make it sparkle! Bonus points if you decorate it with decals and ornaments that you know he’ll love.

9) ‘Family tree’ photo display

Image Credit: Made By Joel

This adorable take on the usual photo frame is sure to remind dad of all the family fun you have! This easy craft only requires some cardboard, tape, and a few cut-out photos of the family. 

Click here for the full tutorial by Made By Joel

10) A night out with mum

If mum and dad haven’t gone on a romantic date night in a while, couple time might just be the Father’s Day present dad needs. Nothing complicated required — simply pack a picnic basket or plan a homemade spa night. 

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