14 popular preschools in the North of Singapore that will excite your kids

A handy list for parents who are seeking to enrol their kids in preschools!

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The time has come, parents! We know that sending your child to a preschool can be unsettling, especially if you’re not too sure about the difference between childcare, kindergarten, and preschool. But don’t hurry, scurry and worry just yet — because we’ve got you covered. Meanwhile stay cool, and enjoy our guide on the Popular Preschools in Singapore you can find in the North of sunny Singapore!

Uncover These Popular Preschools in Singapore (North Region)

1. Apple Tree Playgroup 

A structured learning programme designed to help young children (before nursery age) develop their cognitive, motor and social skills through play. | Source: Apple Tree Playgroup FaceBook

Want your kids to become more confident, express better, and exhibit stronger social aptitude? Children at Apple Tree playground are found to be curious and eager to learn, are better at paying attention, and have a strong foundation in numbers and language.

The curriculum presented is suitable for young children before nursery age (typically around three years old). It introduces learning through play approach which engages the five senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. It reinforces their learning and accelerates their cognitive, motor skills and social development.

One of the popular preschools in Singapore, they’ll help your younglings adapt to new environments faster, get creative, problem-solve better, and show more initiative.

For enrolment details and branches available, click on the following:

Ang Mo Kio
Sembawang (Canberra)

Mon-Fri: 9am-11am and/or 11.15am-1.15pm 

*Timings vary for different branches in different locations

Head Office

Address: Blk 102 Yishun Ave 5 #03-135, Singapore 760102

Telephone: +65 6753 5978

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Email: admin@appletree.com.sg


2. Carpe Diem Preschool

These specialised learning corners will get your little ones excited and help develop them holistically! | Source: Carpe Diem’s website

Every child has their own unique talents, strengths and even personality. All they need is someone to bring those qualities out and help guide them in realising their potential to the fullest. And that’s what Carpe Diem does for your kid. 

Teachers at Carpe Diem facilitate children’s learning and uses the Multiple Intelligence based learning approach. A slew of activities are available but each is held in their own unique and centralised learning corner. Just imagine having experiences in the Beethoven corner (music), Picasso corner (art) and Shakespeare corner (literacy), amongst many others. No wonder why it’s one of the most popular preschools in Singapore!

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Programme Timings

Full Day 

Monday to Friday: 7am-7pm 

Half Day

Monday to Friday: 7am-1pm, 1pm-7pm 

Saturday: 7am-2pm 

Centre locations and contact information

Little Green House

Address: Woodlands Close, No. 11 Woodlands Close, #01-33/34, Singapore 737853 
Telephone: +65 6694 4313 
Email: wl@carpediem.com.sg


Address: 701 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 787087 
Telephone: +65 6458 0585 
Email: hilltop@carpediem.com.sg

Kidz Playhouse 

Address: 257/259 Canada Road, Singapore 759791 
Telephone: +65 6257 8422 
Email: sb@carpediem.com.sg


Address: The Stradia, 78 Yio Chu Kang, #01-02, Singapore 545571 
Telephone: +65 6386 6579 
Email: srg@carpediem.com.sg


Address: ITE HQ/College Central, 2 Ang Mo Kio Drive, Blk A #01-07, Singapore 567720 
Telephone: +65 6752 7317 
Email: ITE@carpediem.com.sg

Nordcom (Coming Soon)

Address: 3 Gambas Crescent, #01-04 Nordcom 1, Singapore 757088 
Telephone: +65 8753 8828 
Email: nordcom@carpediem.com.sg

3. Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play

Source: Cherie Hearts Kids-At-Play Facebook

Cherie Hearts is one of the popular preschools in Singapore that prepares children for formal education. They offer children aged 18 months to 6 years old a bilingual English and Mandarin programme.

In the well-trained hands of teachers here, rest assured that your children are placed in a safe environment where they can explore and engage in play-based learning: through songs, stories and creative activities! Did we also mention that Cherie Hearts received the Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework (SPARK) award in 2017? 

Bonus: Cherie Hearts is situated in the peaceful vicinity of Macritchie Reservoir. That means plenty of opportunities for the kids to go on regular nature walks, how great! For more information on the programmes offered at Cherie Hearts, visit here.

Pricing details


Address: 34 Westlake Ave, Singapore 574245

Telephone: +65 6352 4889 / +65 9823 2765 (mobile)

Email: elaine.kng@cheriehearts.com.sg

Operating Hours: 

Monday to Friday: 7am-7pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

4. Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

Source: Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse website

Bringing to you more popular preschools in Singapore! Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse caters to children aged 18months to six years old and aims to harness enthusiasm and fuel curiosity in your little learners! How? Through their creativity-inspired curriculum and experimental pedagogical approach. Incorporating play into learning, Kiddiwinkie includes games, puppetry, multimedia and sports so that young learners are constantly engaged and inspired to learn.

There are classrooms set up with learning corners that encourage experiential and investigative learning; a very well-equipped space that sets the foundation for school readiness. From imaginative play to life skills to reading, your child will be able to transition to the next stage with ease! 

Want to explore Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse? Sign up for a school tour here!

School tours take place from 10am-12.30pm on weekdays.

Email: enquiry@kiddiwinkie.com.sg


Locations and contact information

Kiddiwinkie SchoolHouse @ Cactus 
Address: 39 Cactus Crescent, Singapore 809741
Telephone: +65 6482 1956
Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Braddell
Address: 18 Sommerville Walk, Singapore 358187
Telephone: +65 6285 8826

5. Kinderland 

Kinderland is a leading provider of quality infant care, bilingual kindergarten and preschool education for children 2 months to 6 years of age. | Source: Kinderland’s FaceBook

No doubt, kids love music! Why not take advantage of that interest and create an avenue for deeper learning?

Kinderland’s music-infused curriculum enhances language literacy in young children. From using the keyboard, percussion instruments, solfege singing and rhythm training, these activities greatly supports your child’s brain development, in their early years. What’s more? This approach has been proven to enhance your child’s confidence. 

The curriculum integrates the best education approaches and methodologies from the West while fusing with the East’s values of morality and inter-personal relationships. It’s like having the best of both worlds by choosing Kinderland as one of the popular preschools in Singapore.

Find out more about their curriculum here



  • Pre Nursery (Toddlers): 18 months-2+ yrs 
  • Nursery 1: 2  yrs-3 yrs
  • Nursery 2 To Kindergarten 2: 4 yrs-6 yrs
  • Enrolment: Half day/Full day

Session Timings: Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2

Full-day: 7am-7pm (Monday to Friday) / 7am-2pm (Saturday)
Half-day: 7am-1pm (Monday to Saturday)

For more information on the specific branch and programme available, click on the following:


Woodlands Civic Centre


Sengkang (Preschool & Infant)
Yio Chu Kang
Woodlands Civic Centre
Woodlands Mart 

6. Learning Vision Centre

Source: Learning Vision Website

Learning Vision’s curriculum is very child-focused. It looks at the child as though he or she is the protagonist (main character) and the teachers as supporting characters that facilitates their learning. The main focus is on the child’s experience and hands-on learning. If you’re wondering about the Preschool Curriculum here, they cater to children in the Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 levels. 

Their niche lies in developing high-quality early learning environments for employers and their employees’ families. They provide on-site early childhood education services to government agencies, institutions of higher learning and private corporations.

Here’s 7 key learning experiences for your kids at Learning Vision centres:

  1. Communication, Language and Literacy
  2. Early Numeracy
  3. Creative Expressions
  4. Environmental and Community Awareness
  5. Technology
  6. Personal and Social Development
  7. Physical Skills and Well-being


Please refer to the links below for the various centre locations (North), fees, contact information and more:

*Infant care services are available at these centres.

7. Little Paddington Preschool and Infant Care

Source: Little Paddington Preschool and Infant Care website

At the Little Paddington Preschool and Infant care, educators’ focus is on the workings of co-constructing knowledge. It’s not about traditional teaching methods anymore but creating new possibilities and opportunities for your child. 

The highly passionate and qualified team comprises of curriculum specialists: English and Chinese language teachers. In addition, they engage specialists for art, science and sports to further enrich your child’s learning experiences.

Not only does the syllabus introduced by Little Paddington meets the high standards of Singapore’s education system but also blends in a vast variety of international cultures. While taking into account small class sizes, stimulating field trips, development plan for your child’s progress, a range of teaching methods to best suit your child’s learning style, they’re raved as one of the popular preschools in Singapore!

Find out more about what to take note on admissions here.

Address: 4 Jalan Tani, Singapore 548542 (Near Kovan MRT)

Telephone: +65 6280 3007

Email: admin@littlepaddington.com / principal@littlepaddington.com

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 7am-7pm

Saturday: 7am-2pm

Sunday: Closed


8. Little Skool House Kindergarten 

The Little Skool House seeks to nurture and support each child to fulfil his or her potential. | Source: Little Skool House FaceBook

The Little Skool House was established in 1994 and has childcare centres in various prime locations across Singapore. The approach to educating kids here? To encourage and stimulate their curiosity as that’s what drives discovery!

Activities run here are thoughtful and the methods used and discipline by teachers are strong. Not only that, parents are closely involved in the happenings. It’s like having a super close-knit community! Now, can you see why they are one of the most popular Preschools in Singapore?

Programmes available at The Little Skool House: Infant care (2-18 months old), Toddler (2 years old), Nursery (3-4 years old), Kindergarten (5-6 years old).

To see what programmes they offer, please visit here.

General Centre information

Address: 229 Mountbatten Road, #01-14, Mountbatten Square, Singapore 398007 

Telephone: +65 6509 7880 

Email: info@littleskoolhouse.com

Operating Hours: 9am-6pm


Locations and contact information

At-The-Hub @ Ang Mo kio  

Preschool (18 months to 6 years) – Full Day

Address: 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #03-22, Ang Mo Kio Hub, Singapore 569933 

Telephone: +65 6853 8131

Operating Hours:

Mondays to Fridays: 7am-7pm 

Saturdays: 7am-2pm

On-The-Green @ Orchid Country Club

Preschool (18 months to 6 years) – Full Day, Half Day

Address: Orchid Country Club, 1 Orchid Country Club Road, Singapore 769162  

Telephone: +65 6759 0393  

Operating Hours: 

Mondays to Fridays: 7am-7pm 
Saturdays: 7am-2pm

To schedule a centre visit with Little Skool House, visit here!

9. Maple Bear

Maple Bear provides children with a “learn, play, and discover” environment through a selection of structured, unstructured, and routine activities. | Source: Maple Bear’s website

The Maple Bear teaching methodology has been developed by Canadian professionals and refined for the children of Singapore — based on the bilingual experience as well as on dedicated educational practices. They make Canada’s and Singapore’s education systems two of the best worldwide!

Teachers in Maple Bear put in conscious effort to design lessons that are relatable and engaging for children. Parents, you can also look forward to their weekly newsletter that will help keep you updated on your child’s activities and progress in the school. 

Apart from that, the centre’s management is extremely open to feedback and is active in engaging parents with matters related to their child. We can’t help but agree that they’re truly one of the best and popular preschools in Singapore! 


Centre locations and contact information

Maple Bear Sembawang

Address: 29/31 Jalan Lengkok, Singapore 759218

Telephone: +65 8808 4172

Email: sembawang@maplebear.sg

Operating Hours: 7am-7pm

Maple Bear Serangoon North (Popular HQ) 

Cater to families residing in the North and North-East areas (Ang Mo Kio / Serangoon / Hougang / Sengkang / Punggol).

For children 18 months to 6 years old.

Address: 15 Serangoon North Ave 5, Level 3, Popular HQ, Singapore 554360

Telephone: +65 6481 6184 / +65 9727 2171

Email: serangoonnorth@maplebear.sg

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday: 7am-7pm

Saturday: 8am-1pm

Sunday: Closed

Maple Bear Woodlands (Gambas)

Caters to children from 2 months to 6 years, from infant to kindergarten.

Address: 3 Gambas Crescent, #01-07, Nordcom 1, Singapore 757088

Telephone: +65 6265 5238 / +65 9777 4866 (call to make an appointment for visit)

Email: woodlands@maplebear.sg

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday: 7am-7pm

Saturday: 7am-2pm

Sunday: Closed

10. Marymount Kindergarten

A place where compassionate hearts and creative young minds flourish. | Source: Marymount Kindergarten Website

Having their curriculum organised around thematic units — that is what’s noteworthy about Marymount Kindergarten.

Every term, the little ones get to embark on exciting projects with teachers with interesting themes like Rain, Mango and Sunflowers; each pertaining to their life experiences and interests. For K1 and K2 children, they will engage with project work one term in a year. 

The thematic approach integrates activities in language arts, social studies, creative dramatics, music, art, science, math, or any combination of these; and supported in both English and Chinese language. That, coupled with field trips, portfolio, playgroup program, and a pure Chinese programme, position it as one of the popular preschools in Singapore. Curious yet? Take a look at their virtual tour, here

Pre-nursery programme

Pricing for admission (2018): $1,384.35 
Pricing for admission (2019): $1637.10 

Nursery programme

Pricing for admission (2018): $1,218.30 

Pricing for admission (2019): $1471.25 

Programme – Kindergarten 1 & 2

Pricing for admission (2018): $1,162.95 per Term

Pricing for admission (2019): $1375.95 per Term


Pricing for admission (2019): $1765.50

For all enrolment matters, hop on over here.

Request for a visit to the kindergarten here.

Address: 9 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, Good Shepherd Place, Singapore 319253

Telephone: +65 6251 5049

Email: enquiry@mkg.edu.sg

Operating Hours:

2018 – 1st session: 8.15am to 11.15am

2018 – 2nd session: 11.45am to 2.45pm

2019 –1st session: 8.00am to 11.30am

2019 –2nd session: 12.00am to 3.30pm


11. MindChamps Preschool 

MindChamps @ Bishan is just one of the many cool Preschools in the North! | Source: MindChamps Bishan FaceBook Page

The MindChamps PreSchool offers learning and enrichment programmes for children from 18 months to 6 years old, in the playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels. The unique curriculum (‘S.M.I.L.E.S.’TM) strikes a good balance between the academic, creative and social aspects of learning; it brings together Research & Development from the 3 distinct domains of NeuroscienceChild Psychology and Theatre, synthesised with Education.

Furthermore, the bilingual curriculum nurtures all aspects of your pre-schooler’s development. It helps your little one greatly especially when transitioning from pre-school to primary school. Coupled with caring and nurturing teachers, it’s no wonder why MindChamps is one of the popular preschools in Singapore!

Programme – Kindergarten 1 & 2

Teacher-child ratio (K1 vs V2): 1 : 11 VS 1:12

Enrolment: Full (7am-7pm) / Half day (7am-1pm)

Child’s age: 5-6 years old

Pricing for admission: $1,825 + GST (Full day) / $1,625 + GST (Half day)

Bonus: There are child care subsidies for Singaporean children. For more information and a detailed breakdown, visit here.

To book a preschool, visit here or call 8233 4400.


Various locations and contact information:

Operating Hours: 

Monday to Friday: 7am-7pm

Closed on Saturday and Sunday


Address: 18 Sin Ming Lane #01-18 Midview City, Singapore 573960 (near Marymount & Bishan MRT)

Telephone: +65 6734 8400

Email: sg.psbishan@mindchamps.org 


Serangoon (Lorong Chuan)

Address: 151 Lorong Chuan, New Tech Park, #03-06 (Lobby F), Singapore 556741 (Lorong Chuan MRT)

Telephone: +65 6281 5638

Email: sg.psserangoon@mindchamps.org


Toa Payoh

Address: 490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, HDB Hub Biz 3, #05-12 (Lift Lobby 2), Singapore 310490 (Toa Payoh MRT)

Telephone: +65 6828 2648

Email: sg.pstpy@mindchamps.org


Upper Thomson

Address: 9 Tagore Lane, #01-08, 9 @ Tagore, Singapore 787472 (near Lower Peirce Reservoir & Teacher’s Estate)

Telephone: +65 6552 1032 / +65 6552 1072 / +65 9127 0985

Email: sg.psuppthomson@mindchamps.org



Address: 11 Woodlands Close, #01-38/39 Woodlands 11, Singapore 737853 (near Admiralty MRT)

Telephone: +65 6339 3296

Email: sg.pswoodlands@mindchamps.org


Yio Chu Kang

Address: 202 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9, #01-204 Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex, Singapore 569771 (Yio Chu Kang MRT)

Telephone: +65 6481 6626

Email: sg.psyiochukang@mindchamps.org



Address: 6 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #01-09/10/11 NorthView BizHub, Singapore 768090

Telephone: +65 6966 8758

Email: sg.psyishun@mindchamps.org


12. Pat’s Schoolhouse

At Pat’s Schoolhouse, it is our aspiration to give children a vibrant and memorable childhood, while building a strong foundation which prepares them to become Challengers of the future. | Source: Pat’s Schoolhouse website

One of the popular preschools in Singapore, Pat’s Schoolhouse believes in being boldvivacious and inspiring and hopes to impart that to children — to bring them up as confident and courageous individuals.

Embracing a child’s playfulness is extremely important as it helps to inspire them in becoming happy explorers! Pat’s Schoolhouse adopts an Inquiry-Embedded Play Approach to teaching and learning. It carefully revolves around planning intentional, meaningful and thought-provoking inquiry-embedded play-based learning experiences to support children’s holistic development.

Also, it’s an open secret — Pat’s Schoolhouse is the first preschool to integrate Mandarin into their curriculum! Since then, they have gone beyond the usual Chinese class by weaving Mandarin into every aspect of a child’s day. They cater to children from 2 months to 6 years of age. 

Address: 15A Changi Business Park Central 1, #07-01, Singapore 486035 

Telephone: +65 6781 2288

Email: contact@patschoolhouse.com


Schedule a visit to Pat’s Schoolhouse here!

For the various Centre Locations and their contact information, please click below:

Grassroots’ Club
Sembawang Country Club

13. School House by the Garden

School House by the Garden’s curriculum offers a unique blend of active self-discovery and educational excursions under the guidance of professional educators. | Source: School House by the Garden’s FaceBook Page

Located within the tranquillity of lush gardening space, School House by the Garden provides a learning playground for young minds to frolic and interact with nature and the people around them.

Being an all-rounder is well sought after: the curriculum is designed to unlock your child’s multiple intelligences of physical, intellectual, social, emotional, musical and logical learning scopes. Furthermore, your little one will be exposed to more than just learning in the classroom, but one that extends to the outdoors. 

They can look forward to regular field trips and high-quality enrichment programs such as Speech & Drama, Music, Computer-Aided Learning, Chess, Abacus and Swimming, amongst other activities. One of the promising preschools in Singapore you can expect!

Programme – Kindergarten 1 (5 years old) & Kindergarten 2 (6 years old)

Teacher-child ratio: 1 : 25
Enrolment: Full day / Half day
Child’s age: 5-6 years old

Pricing: $1,000 before the eligible subsidies (check with the centre on actual rates)

Not sure if the school works for your child? Book a school tour to School House by the Garden here.

Various locations and contact information:

School House by the Garden @ Hougang (Kovan) 

Address: 23, Jalan Teliti, Singapore 537319

Telephone: +65 6653 5615 

Email: enquiry@schoolhousebythegarden.com

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday: 7am-7pm 

Saturday: 7am-2pm


School House by the Garden @ Sengkang

Address: 48 Jalan Merdu, Singapore 548675

Telephone: +65 6653 5615

Email: enquiry@schoolhousebythegarden.com

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday: 7am-7pm 

Saturday: 7am-2pm


14. Small Wonder

Source: Small Wonder Singapore Facebook

Small Wonder welcomes infants and children from 2 months to 6 years old.

The Preschool curriculum, for kids 4 to 6 years, adopts a cognitive approach that enables children to learn through interactions with their everyday experiences. Children will develop these skills: EQ and life skills, knowledge of the community and the world, skills development and communication and literacy skills.

With high quality and progressive education, they prove themselves as one of the popular preschools in Singapore. 

Register your interest to check out the centre by scheduling a visit here

General information 

Telephone: +65 6786 0066

Email: enquiries@smallwonder.com.sg

Operating Hours:

9am-6pm (for enquiries)


Centre locations

Adora Green

Address: 348A Yishun Ave 11, #01-557, Singapore 761348


Address: 327B Anchorvale Road, #01-322, Singapore 542327

Nordcom II (New!)

Address: 2 Gambas Crescent, #01-14, Singapore 757044

Popular preschools in Singapore with dedicated teachers

With so many popular and great preschools out there, mums and dads, we’re sure it isn’t easy to make a decision.

Perhaps what you can start doing is to check out one of these preschools to get a feel of how it’s like! Ask yourself: how attentive are the teachers? Do you think the learning approach will be a right fit for your child? What’s the overall feeling you get while being in that space? Whatever it is, do remember to ask as many questions while you’re there to know what’s in it for your little one.  

Now go, and book that preschool centre visit.


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