3 Newborn worries which are normal but can actually freak you out!

Here are some newborn worries that I faced with my baby, which were actually very normal but made me really scared.

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Are you a first-time parent? One of the most difficult things that I remember facing as the first time mum was trying to understand what made my newborn uncomfortable and why she would cry.

With so many parenting books, sites and even different suggestions and ideas from so many parents, it was a big confusion. So today, I wanted to share a few issues that I faced with my newborn, which were actually very normal, but made me really scared.

1. Crying a lot for few hours at a time 

I didn’t know this initially, but my first baby did go through colic. My second baby had even worse colic, but I was more prepared and could handle it much better. When I was a first-time mum, seeing my baby cry for hours on end, non-stop, made me so scared that I could only think of the worst possibilities.

However, colic is a very common condition in many new babies and lasts until about the fifth month. It generally happens from the evening till the night hours.

2. Baby is not pooping 

This is again a very common problem that most new parents will see in their babies, and this is also one of the biggest queries that we see most mothers asking. When my newborn didn’t pass stool for about 4 to 5 days at a stretch, I couldn’t understand what to do.

When babies are around one month old, their bowel movements start to slow down, which is why they pass stool less frequently. Do remember that if your baby is crying or screaming a lot while passing stool, it indicates he or she is severely constipated, and you should immediately consult the paediatrician.

3. Spitting up 

You feed your baby for almost 30 minutes and then it all comes out. And the worst part is that the routine continues many times in the day. I noticed this almost from right after birth and it continued till about the fourth month.

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I was worried and spoke to the doctor, but as my baby was gaining weight steadily and was a happy baby, the doctor said there was nothing to worry. In most cases, it looks like baby has spit up almost all of the feed, but actually, it is just a little of the entire amount. Consult the doctor if your baby is not gaining weight, or losing weight, or seems too sleepy or cries a lot.

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