She's middle-aged but looks 20 — these are her surprising skincare secrets

Would you believe that this fresh-faced beauty is actually middle-aged? Here she shares her surprisingly simple secrets.

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If someone asked you to estimate Lure Hsu’s age, you’d be forgiven for guessing early 20s, or even younger. With her fresh-faced looks and peachy skin, she doesn’t look a day over 18.

Image Credit: Lure Hsu/Instagram

But Lure is in fact 41 — a middle-aged woman with an impossibly youthful glow. 

Image Credit: Lure Hsu/Instagram

Image Credit: Lure Hsu/Instagram

The interior designer first entered the public eye when her 35-year-old sister Sharon, an actress, invited her to an entertainment show. Fans were shocked when Sharon posted a birthday greeting for her older sister online, revealing that she was nearly 40 at that time.

Thanks to her stunningly flawless skin, Lure has already become an online sensation. She has over 370,000 followers on her Instagram account and around 340,000 fans on Weibo.

Image Credit: Lure Hsu/Instagram

And Lure isn’t the only one to be blessed with an ageless appearance. Her 63-year-old mother, an ex-dance teacher, can easily be mistaken for half her age, despite having given birth to and raised three children.

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Guess which one her mum is in the photo below?

Lure (right), with her 36-year-old sister Sharon (left), and 63-year-old mum (centre). (Image Credit: sharon701111/Instagram)

And as they say, like mother like daughter. Well into middle age, all three Hsu sisters look unbelievably radiant. The middle daughter, 40-year-old FayFay, is already a mum of two daughters aged 8 and 10!

From left to right: 41-year-old Lure, 40-year-old FayFay, and 36-year-old Sharon respectively. (Image Credit: sharon701111/Instagram)

Some of Lure’s incredible glow probably come from good genes, but healthy habits definitely play a part. In an interview with Taiwanese magazine Friday, Lure shared some of her skincare secrets.

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As mums, we scarcely have time to get our basic tasks done — never mind take fastidious care of our skin! But if you’re expecting some complicated skincare regimen, it turns out that most of Lure’s methods are surprisingly fuss-free. 

Simple and time-friendly, the Internet star’s beauty techniques are suitable even for the busiest of mums. So if you’re wondering what the secret to glowing, youthful skin is, here are the top tips she divulged:


All kinds of skin problems, from ageing to fine lines, can be reduced by regular moisturizing, Lure advised.

Moderate time in the sun

While beauty mavens typically recommend staying away from the sun, Lure believes that a dose of sun is crucial to keeping skin healthy.

Not too much, however. Excessive exposure to sun, especially in summer, can dry out the skin and make fine lines show up more harshly. And sunscreen is a definite must for Lure when she heads out to enjoy the sunshine. 


A morning cup of black coffee doesn’t just wake you up, according to Lure — it also perks up your skin. 

Other youth potions that Lure recommends: lots and lots of water, along with fruits and vegetables. She steers clear of sugary drinks.

Less meat

Greasy food is a definite no, and meat in particular gets Lure’s veto. Instead, she advises more high fibre and high protein foods.


The Internet star attributes her toned physique and taut skin to regular exercise. 

Take supplements

Lure also shares that she takes supplements such as Vitamin C and collagen pills. 

Most of these skincare secrets are hardly groundbreaking — in fact, they constitute common advice we often hear about.

The toughest part, and what makes all the difference, is sticking scrupulously to these tips. Lure, for instance, says that she keeps herself on a strict mostly-veggie diet. It can be hard to find the energy to diet or moisturize religiously when you have a thousand-and-one chores to do.

To regenerate your skin’s luminous glow, the key is making these skincare tips a part of your everyday routine. 

Making these skincare tips a part of your everyday routine means half the battle won. Getting your husband to remind you to eat healthy, or giving yourself mini rewards after a workout — these are just some of the way you can get good skin habits to stick. 

Lastly, never forget that middle-aged-looking or not, having a smile on your face will always make you look beautiful. There’s no better secret to looking youthful than being young at heart!  

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