Mandopop superstars Jay Chou and JJ Lin together in Singapore!

We can't take our eyes off them either.

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It wasn’t too long ago that we heard news of Jay Chou and his wife, Hannah Quinlivan visiting Sentosa in Singapore. They were first spotted at a local Bak Kut Teh joint back then. What are the chances that the Mandopop superstar would be back yet again, this time together with fellow superstar, JJ Lin?! Apparently, both Jay Chou and JJ Lin hung out for a bit to film a variety show here in Singapore, just a few days ago. 

Wow! We are starstruck!! 

Jay Chou and JJ Lin in Singapore and Dazzling Fans!

They’re no strangers to Singapore, especially JJ Lin. From casually having a meal at a hawker centre to playing a game of DOTA at a local LAN shop in PoMo, he’s been there, done that. 

Casually going around Singapore. | Image: Facebook (Left) / Hokming (right)

But seeing the two stars together is indeed a rare sight, I mean, especially in Singapore.

They were spotted all around town together, such as at the SEA aquarium at Sentosa and Sim Lim Square.

Just take a look at the videos and pictures below shared by star-struck Singaporean fans:

Their popularity soon caused a large crowd to follow them. | Picture: Facebook/Lee Wei Soong

The starstruck crowd was literally following them everywhere.  

Curious onlookers watched Jay Chou and JJ Lin from the outside of the eatery, even while they were taking a lunch break.

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The mandopop superstars also visited a café where the staff took pictures of them. Unfortunately, the café owner missed out on getting to see the stars firsthand.

Same for this Instagram user who goes by frayancorr, who works at Sim Lim Square.

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Of course, they left many fans starstruck… 

Some commented on both Jay Chou and JJ Lin’s good looks, and JJ’s sweet smile.

The two superstars also got a warm welcome at the SEA aquarium from their youngest fans!

A lucky child even had Jay Chou performing magic for him.

Are you as star-struck as we are? Did you see the famous duo while they were here? 


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Images are  from the following Instagram accounts:jm_lenhi_ngoruoxuan_yang (IG story), ljj_0451kristy.kurochan

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