Help! My baby has jaundice

A mother from our forum is concerned over her baby’s jaundice and seeks advice from other mums out there. Here are replies from experienced mummies who had encountered the same situation.

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What happens when your baby has jaundice?

Mum asks: Hi mums, Any mum’s baby having Jaundice? I am worried as my baby is jaundiced. Please advice. 
Thank You!

Why does jaundice happen?

A baby can develop jaundice when there is an excess of bilirubin in his blood. What is bilirubin, you may ask—it’s a chemical produced during the breakdown of old red blood cells and newborn babies have higher levels of it because they have an access of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Their livers are not developed enough to metabolise the extra bilirubin.

Jaundiced baby symptoms

You’ll find a yellow tinge to your baby’s skin. This is noticeable if your baby has fair skin. However, you can also look out for yellowness in the white part of the eyes. Also, your baby might produce pale poo or dark urine when having this condition.

Don’t worry, jaundice is common and usually temporary without long-term effects. But if you’re truly concerned, please bring your baby to the pediatrician for a check up.

Mummies tell all

Lyra Lynne: My bb had jaundiced at birth. He was discharged and later admitted again during check up done at Polyclinic because the jaundice level keep rising. They put him on phototheraphy for 2 days and I was able to bring him back soon after. Don’t worry lots of babies have this. Keep monitoring his jaundice level though. For me, I went to polyclinic for bb blood test. At 10 days after birth, his jaundice level decreased tremendously.

Loves HuiHui: Same as my case. Try bringing your child in the morning for a slow stroll can decrease the jaundice level.

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Jgs EighteenJuly: Bring bb go sun in the morning ard 7plus 8, or evening ard 6plus. My bb also got jaundice. Doc advice me bring her go sun. After 2checkups dn her lvl finally drop.

Joanne Lam: My baby oso had jaundice..brought him go suntan dwstair my hse n his lvl drop too.

Yuletide Angel: Mine too. When I first learn she has jaundice, I was so worry I cried. But doc advise to suntan her in the morning rays. I also bought some herbs for her bathing. After a week or so, her jaundice level dropped. Now, she’s OK. Also remember to give your baby lots of milk to drink. As much as your baby can take. But don’t overfeed. The jaundice will pass out of their body through their pee and poo. Also, remember to cover your baby’s eyes when suntanning.

Jacinth Chua: My baby had jaundice on day 6. Re-admitted and had phototherapy. Not a great experience for a first time mum. Heartache badly. Sun tanning helps n do breastfeed baby more during this time to help remove the meconium in baby n this will gradually decrease the bilirubin level. Hope this helps!

Madeline Ong: Mine baby having high jaundce like 270. Bt if is breastmilk jaundice, dun need to worry, ur baby will recover 5weeks after born or u stop breastfeeding ur baby for a week, jaundice will sure drop to normal.

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Agatha AydenGjf: My bb when I just gave birth went for the jaundice test, then the 2nd test was higher than bfr, so my granny gave my bb drink a bit of red dates drink. (The one we drink during confinement) & his jaundice level went down (:

Vanessa Theseira: My daughter had jaundice when she was born too. But it went away before I got discharged. One of my friend’s kids had jaundice that the levels were very high and had to be hospitalized. I think you just have to monitor the skin and white of the eye colour. If very discoloured, better to send to hospital.


Please call the doctor if …

Bring your baby to the pediatrician if you spot these severe signs or symptoms:

1. Your baby’s skin gets more yellow and spreads to the abdomen, arms and legs.

2. Your baby’s eyes turn yellow.

3. Your baby appears to be sick, listless, weary and finds it difficult to wake.

4. Your baby is feeding poorly or not gaining any weight.

5. Your baby is constantly crying in a high-pitched tone

6. Your baby is developing other unusual symptoms


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