Furious wife beats up husband’s mistress before throwing her off a bridge

Indeed, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Straying husbands, beware.

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Between keeping the household in order, paying the bills, looking after our kids, and making sure that everything and everyone in the family is okay, we already have a lot on our plates. In our already busy schedules, we do not need a mistress wrecking our beloved homes.

In this clip filmed in Brazil, we see what happens when a mistress does exactly this. 

The one-minute clip begins with a scene not unlike those telenovelas we all guiltily admit to watching: the two woman are already scuffle, with the one in a red top (the wife) drags another out on the road by her hair.

Pulling her by the hair, the wife drags her husband’s mistress out on the streets; Photo: screengrab, Live Leak

The wife repeatedly punches the back of the mistress’ head. The mistress could be heard pleading and wailing.

After struggling outside what appears to be an apartment, the wife, who is bigger than her opponent, tugs on the mistress’ hair and violently shakes her head.

This furious wife beats up husband’s mistress before throwing her off a bridge! Photo courtesy: Live Leak

The video then stops, and when it begins again a third woman enters, apparently a friend of the wife, and together they lift the mistress, and, for the coup de grâce, throw her off a bride.

Before the clip ends, we get a glimpse of the mistress standing up in the shallow waters and appears to be uninjured.

With the help of the wife’s friend, they both throw the mistress off a bridge! Photo courtesy: Live Leak

It is a tough video to watch, and depending on your moral code, it can either appall you or ignite some sense of justice in you. Like a lioness whose cubs are in peril, the woman followed her instinct to protect what’s important to her—her family—and went berserk.

Why do men cheat?

Psychologist Esther Perel, famous for her TED Talks on infidelity and relationships, said that “sometimes, we seek the gaze of another not because we reject our partner, but because we are tired of ourselves. It isn’t our partner we aim to leave, rather the person we’ve become. Even more than the quest for a new lover we want a new self.”

Your husband cheating on you does not necessarily mean you are the one at fault, but it does signal something wrong in the relationship.  Here are some of the reasons why men cheat:

  • The need to feel vital and sexy (also known as a mid-life crisis)
  • The intrigue and excitement of an affair
  • To prove to themselves they’ve still ‘got it’

Now, if your husband starts becoming defensive about his privacy (phone, internet history), or asks to be given more time alone, it’s time to start asking questions. If you want to spot signs that your husband is cheating on you, read this article.

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After watching the video below, take a moment to put ourselves in either of the women’s shoes. If you find yourself face to face with the woman your husband is cheating on you with, how would you handle the situation?

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