Tollyjoy's NEW ergonomic baby carrier will make carrying your baby easier than ever!

Local mother and baby care brand Tollyjoy has launched a line of ergonomic baby carriers specially designed for your and your baby's comfort.

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If you ask any mum or dad, they’ll tell you that a baby carrier is a must-have baby care product. They’re the perfect accessory because babies love to be held close but mummy and daddy can still keep their hands free for other things.

The only problem with baby carriers is they can sometimes cause back pain! Mums and dads who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or picking up toys that are scattered around the house will know how frustrating it can be.

2-Way Baby Carrier

Tollyjoy Baby Products, Singapore’s local leading brand in mother and baby care products, has just launched two ergonomic baby carriers so that parents can have the best of both worlds; they can carry their babies hands-free without experiencing added strain on their backs.

The carriers are ergonomically designed to relieve pressure on the back and shoulders. With padded and adjustable chest and shoulder straps, the carriers can easily and quickly be changed to fit both mum and dad.

Tollyjoy’s Ergonomic Baby Carriers come in two designs, a 3-Way carrier for babies over three-months-old weighing up to 12 kg and a 2-Way carrier for babies over four-months-old weighing up to 15kg.

With the 3-Way Baby Carrier (S$59.90), you can carry your little one lying against your chest from 3 months and then once they’re able to hold their head up, either looking forward at the world or on your back.

The 2-Way Baby Carrier (S$89.90) gives the options of carrying your baby either inward facing from four months or on your back from six months.

Some of the other features of Tollyjoy’s baby carriers include a protective hood to keep your baby safe from the weather, small pockets and even a bib to keep mum and dad’s clothes clean!

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