Don’t miss it! 11 things to buy for the family during the 11.11 sale

Are you ready for the biggest online sale of the year? Gear up for an exciting 11.11 sale to stock up on household items and more!

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The US has its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but nothing compares to the Double 11 sale, also known as the 11.11 sale that has smashed all global records! If you have ever participated in an 11.11 sale, you will know the sheer adrenaline rush of being able to purchase all of your favourite items online for a FRACTION of the price!

So in anticipation of this year’s sale, we hope you’re ready for as much excitement as last year, because it is going to be bigger and better! Make sure your laptop is fully charged and your credit cards all keyed into the system. Here are 11 items you can put in your bookmarks or wish lists to get ready to buy during the 11.11 sale:

  1. Little Tots Plastic Playpen (from RMB418/S$85)

    Playpens can easily cost over $100 in Singapore from baby shops. Just put this colourful playpen into your basket, ready for the 11.11 sale and watch as the prices are slashed on the day itself.

  2. White wooden classic multipurpose crib (from RMB628/S$129)

    This crib is gorgeous and sturdy and you won’t even believe how affordable it is! The good news is, once your little one outgrows it, it can turn into a desk! Already priced at $145 before the sale, just wait till 11.11 to see its price drop to even more affordable levels.

    Bonus tip: Save more with Shop Voucher. Spend RMB499/S$102 and get RMB30/S$6. Click here to find out more.

  3. This award winning red-dot design stroller (Usual Price: RMB3999/S$822, 11.11 Price: RMB1799/S$369)

    For something that kids outgrow really quickly, strollers cost a bomb! Get a great deal during the 11.11 sale. Get this lightweight, cabin-friendly stroller that is great for both travel and everyday use. This description doesn’t even do this stroller design justice! Put this in your wishlist now so you don’t forget when the time comes.

    Bonus: Save more with Shop Voucher. Spend RMB999/S$205 to get RMB50/S$10 off. Check it out here.

  4. A super cute language learning toy (Usual price from RMB258/S$53, 11.11 price: RMB198/S$40)

    This learning toy will help your little one learn Mandarin in no time and just look how cute it is! And you can control this toy from your phone too! Enjoy more savings with Coupon Voucher, get RMB10/S$2 off with no minimum spend required. Click here for more savings!

  5. Ball play pen (from RMB82.80/S$17!)

    Every kid dreams of having one of this ball playpens at home. So why not get them one? It is so cheap from Tmall and when the 11.11 sale hits, it’ll be even cheaper!

  6. Electric breast pump (from RMB38/S$8)

    That’s right. An electric breast pump from only $8! And NO WIRES! It doesn’t get any better than that for a small and portable breast pump that you can even charge using your mobile phone charger. Get it as a backup pump and still be able to use your favourite medela or spectra accessories. Save yourself a lot of (potential) headache and put this in your cart right now!

  7. Baby clothes (from RMB48/S$10)

    Baby clothes can be pretty costly and babies outgrow them really quickly. But you don’t have to break the bank to be able to dress up your little one in the best. Get them affordable yet stylish outfits.

  8. 18 packs of PurCotton Tissue (usual price from RMB218/S$44, 11.11 price: RMB163/S$33)

    It’s time to stock up on wet and dry tissue that is great for sensitive skin! These tissues won’t tear when wet! When you have a baby, you will be sure to use plenty of these tissues, so why not stock up while it’s on sale? It is super safe for babies and value for money! You can use it all year round with no expiry. Spend RMB399/S$82 to enjoy RMB5/S$1 off your purchase with this voucher.
  9. Toy organiser & storage (from RMB47.79/S$9)

    This will be a lifesaver to parents. Just open up the mat that contains all the toys, let your kids play in it. Then once they’re done, wrap it all up and voila! You’re done! How easy and convenient is that?
  10. Airtight storage bags (from RMB38/S$7.90)

    Whether you’re using it to store away clothing that you hardly wear (like winter wear) or to use while travelling (gotta make the most of of the luggage space!), this airtight storage bag is versatile and a necessity.
  11. Storage cupboard (from RMB38/S$12)

    As parents, storage is something we always need. This nifty storage cupboard is the perfect solution. And for something so affordable, we can’t believe it gets even cheaper during the 11.11 sale!

So, make sure you have all the items you want, ready on your wishlist! Drink some coffee before the clock strikes midnight on 11.11 so you’re powered up for the biggest and best sale in the world! Log onto Tmall now to prepare your cart!

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