Choosing a primary school for your child – Tips for Singapore parents

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Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a primary school for your child.

choosing a primary school

Choosing a primary school for your kid needn’t be a stressful experience if you do your homework.

Your little one is growing up so fast, and is now almost ready for the next big phase in his journey of education and learning — primary school.

As parents with kids already in school know, choosing an appropriate primary school for your child is not easy and can actually be quite a stressful task for parents.

It’s certainly not something you want to get wrong, as your child’s primary school education paves the way for his further studies and beyond.

To make the decision of choosing a primary school for your child just a bit easier, we bring you some useful information on the matter.

choosing a primary school

What factors do you need to consider when choosing a primary school for your kids? (Image from MoE)

1. Travel time and distance to school

A shorter distance from the school to your home means a shorter travelling time and reduced transport costs. A shorter travelling time is convenient in so many ways.

It means your child won’t be tired by the time she gets to school, less stress for you because you won’t be stuck in traffic for as long as if the school was a fair distance away, and you also get more time to attend to other matters.

Close proximity to the school of your choice also provides better opportunities for you to forge a strong relationship with the school.

Stronger ties with the school means better cooperation in raising and educating your child.

For a list of schools near (within 1 km and 1-to-2km) your residential address, visit the Singapore land authority’s One Map School Query Service.

Or click here to see the MoE’S listing of schools by area.

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