Can children sit on reserved seats in Singapore MRT?

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A Singapore mum recently ranted on Facebook about a female passenger not giving up the reserved seat for her!

How young or how old should children be, to be eligible to sit on reserved seats in Singapore MRT? This seems to be the hot topic of discussion these days, ever since a Singapore mum put up a Facebook post detailing the heated argument she had with a female commuter recently.

This mum was travelling with her husband and 3-year-old daughter, while the other lady in question was sitting on the reserved seat, generally meant for pregnant women, mummies and babies, and elderly or disabled folk.

The argument went something like this:

  • 3-year-old girl tells mummy that she's tired and needs to sit.
  • Mummy asks lady sitting on the reserved seat politely if she could give up her seat for her daughter.
  • Lady retorts, "NO! Why should I give up my seat ?"
  • When reminded that it was a reserved seat, this lady says reserved seat is for old folk and babies, not for children.
  • Her friend adds, "If your kid is tired you should bring your own stroller, not ask for the seat here."
  • Daddy now steps in and asks, "Are u pregnant? This reserved seat is for someone who needs the seat." To which the friend replies, "Maybe??!!
  • Lady and friend say something like, "Got kid don't bring out lah, got kid let them sleep at home don't bring out."
  • Meanwhile, an elderly man in his 60s offers to give his seat up on seeing that the mum is carrying her daughter with both hands, "and hence unable to hold on to the handle firmly...But I refused to take up the seat because I knew he needed the seat more than me"
  • Both parties end up taking photos of each other; mum later adds them to her post on Facebook.

Well, what do you think? We decided to ask a few mums what they thought about the whole issue. Check out what they said! Also, do let us know what YOU feel in the comments below!


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