Can naming your baby after a genius make them smarter?

What's in a name? Apparently, a lot.

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We’ve talked about the struggles and difficulties of choosing the perfect name for your son or daughter before. But, the fact of the matter is, it never gets any easier. It’s a definitive decision and it’s something they’ll have to live with for the rest of their life. So why not ensure that your providing with a leg up from day one?

How does one do that? Try naming your baby after some historically noteworthy geniuses!

So, does this tactic really work? Well…truth be told, there’s no real science to suggest that it does. However, the team over at MooseRoots does have some data that aims to prove that there’s a significant connection between keen intellect and the names on this list. In fact, they believe that “It’s much easier to climb the ranks of the elite when you have a bit of a head start. Prepare your child for greatness by giving him a name that has been borne by many accomplished people.”

Source: Jose Luis Pelaez

MooseRoots is a website dedicated to supplying information and insight to individuals’ heritage and history. Using their vast database, they collected 14,750 names of the most proficient philosophers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, inventors, artists, composers, Nobel laureates and MacArthur grant recipients. They then took that data and found how many geniuses shared each name and ranked them in order of frequency of use throughout history. In other words, they tracked the “genius count”.

If you’re interested in putting this theory to the test check out this list of baby genius names that could help your children reach the top!

Baby names for boys

Baby names for girls

Joseph (genius count: 91)

Peter (genius count: 100)

Thomas (genius count: 109)

Paul (genius count: 113)

George (genius count: 128)

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Johann (genius count: 128)

Richard (genius count: 129)

James (genius count: 131)

David (genius count: 132)

Charles (genius count: 148)

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William (genius count: 201)

Robert (genius count: 220)

John (genius count: 352)

Charlotte (genius count: 35)

Helen (genius count: 41)

Jane (genius count: 41)

Dorothy (genius count: 43)

Alice (genius count: 47)

Anna (genius count: 50)

Ruth (genius count: 51)

Susan (genius count: 51)

Margaret (genius count: 55)

Anne (genius count: 56)

Maria (genius count: 72)

Elizabeth (genius count: 88)

Mary (genius count: 140)

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