2.8 million washing machines recalled after reports of explosions

2.8 million washing machines recalled after reports of explosions

One customer reported that her washing machine "exploded with such ferocity that it penetrated the interior wall of her garage"

Right on the heels of the notorious exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones, Samsung is faced with another problem: this time, it’s exploding washing machines.

There have been reports wherein the washing machines exploded

According to reports, there is a risk of the lids of the washing machines suddenly popping off; which pose a huge risk to anyone using the washing machine.

Samsung said that it can happen when bedding, water-resistant, or bulky items are washed, and the machine placed on high speed. This can cause the drum to lose balance and cause vibrations that can pop the lid off.

Back in August, a customer reported that her washing machine “exploded with such ferocity that it penetrated the interior wall of her garage,” and subsequently filed a class action lawsuit against Samsung.

Photo from: youtube.com/ABC News

Photo from: youtube.com/ABC News

They announced a recall with affects over 2.8 million units

Samsung made an announcement regarding the exploding washing machines and are going to recall over 2.8 million units.

Additionally, they are offering free in-home repair, with a free one-year extension on their warranty, or a rebate to get a new washer either a Samsung or a different one, along with free installation and also includes removal of the old washing machine. Customers who choose another Samsung product will get $150 that will go towards their next washer.

To know if your washer is affected, you can go to this website and check your washing machine’s model.

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Keeping you and your family safe at home

Different appliances and gadgets can vastly improve our quality of life. In some cases however, misuse or a simple case of bad product design can be very dangerous. Just like the incidents about exploding hoverboards, exploding smartphones, and now, exploding washing machines, we always need to keep ourselves and our family safe.

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Keep yourself updated on any product recalls and safety issues about a certain product. Make sure that the appliances or gadgets you’re using have no history of explosion or failure. If they do, it’s best to try and talk to the manufacturer for a refund or a replacement.
  • Read the instructions. Most of the time, accidents that involve appliances is due to misuse. That’s why it’s very important to read the instructions so that you know how to use your appliances and what things can potentially cause an accident.
  • Check the power cords. If you’re buying a used product, or even a new one, make sure to inspect the power cord and check if there’s any damage or any burn marks. Additionally, make sure to put the power cords out of walkways or places where they might get wet.
  • Be careful when you have kids at home. While things such as water heaters and microwaves are safe for adults to use, they can be very dangerous for kids. Teach your kids to never touch these appliances and be cautious about using appliances whenever your kids are around you.
  • Keep appliances away from heat. Make sure to keep your appliances and their power cords away from any source of heat as the heat might damage the appliance or melt the power cords, which can potentially cause an accident.
  • Keep your appliances and gadgets dry. Any surface your appliances are on should be kept dry. You should also put them on stable surfaces to prevent them from falling and injuring someone.

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