Tips for traveling when you are pregnant

There are special considerations you have to take when travelling if you are pregnant. Read these tips to help ensure your health while on vacation.

The time when you travel is very important to consider before planning your trip. Also, maintaining your health while you travel is critical.

Here are a few precautions you should take when travelling while you are pregnant.

1. Timing

Your baby’s safety should always come first, so if you plan on flying during your vacation you may want to check the airline’s policy regarding pregnant women before you get your flight tickets. Some airlines do not allow women who are beyond 36 weeks to fly. Some airlines may also require you to submit a doctors note if you are more than 28 weeks pregnant. If you are unsure of your airline’s policies, contact a customer service representative to ask about whether or not you will be eligible to travel.

Besides airline regulations, your personal comfort should be considered when planning a vacation while you are pregnant. Many women find their second trimester the ideal time to travel. Many women are plagued by morning sickness during their first trimester and very tired during their third trimester.

Of course, by their second trimester morning sickness has usually subsided but fatigue has not yet set in making this a great time to travel. Every woman is different though and you may feel ready to travel at a different time.

2. Circulation

Your blood circulation can become impaired at a certain altitude, so be sure to drink plenty of liquids. Make a point of standing up and walking the length of the airplane once or twice every hour of your flight. If you are driving to your vacation destination, be prepared to make frequent stops to get out of the car and walk around a little

Maintaining proper hydration levels is also important when you are traveling while you are pregnant. Many travelers forget to drink water while they are on vacation but pregnant women cannot afford to do so. Carry bottled water with you wherever you go and maintain your hydrations levels while you are traveling.

Proper nutrition on a trip is also important for pregnant women. It is not uncommon for those on vacation to eat large meals. Try not to do this and instead travel with non perishable, healthy snacks so that you can eat small meals throughout the day to maintain your glucose levels.

3. Due Dates

If you are close to your due date, be sure to research the doctors in the location you are flying to. Labor can come early and unexpectedly, so always have a plan. Some medical insurances do not cover you while you are on vacation so be sure to check whether or not your insurance will cover your hospital bills.

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