$154K To Come Out of Retirement? Taiwanese Veteran Host Chang Fei Says No

$154K To Come Out of Retirement? Taiwanese Veteran Host Chang Fei Says No

A screengrab from an interview posted by Star ET Today on YouTube. Screengrab/YouTube/Star ET Today

How much does it take to get veteran host Chang Fei out of retirement? Our guess is, it’s going to cost quite a bit.

The 71-year-old variety show host Chang Fei has dominated the hosting scene for some time and is well-known throughout 1990s and 2000s.

However, since his Big Shot Variety Show concluded in 2018, Chang Fei has rarely appeared on screen.

On Feb 1, Chang Fei’s elder sister Jenny Fei claimed to have an opportunity to host with Chang Fei in the future.

In response, Chang Fei’s manager told Next Apple News that while the Taiwanese is interested to return to showbiz, he will “let nature take its course” as “many things depend on fate”.

She also revealed that there was a mobile game advertising company who looked for Chang Fei to take on a project and offered NT$3.5 million (S$154,000) for the engagement. However, after thinking about it, he declined the opportunity.

As for his brother, and former singer, Fei Yu-ching, the manager emphasised that he will not be returning to showbiz.

This would not be the first time Chang Fei left showbiz before returning.

In April 2000, Chang Fei’s show Long Hu Commercial Show ended its run and he announced that he would temporarily leave showbiz.

Then he returned in April 2002 to host Big Brother’s Return with Kang Kang and Huang Pin Yuan.

He left showbiz again after the show ended in September 2011, only to return seven years later in January 2018 to host Chang Fei’s Big Shot Variety Show. The show ended in September 2018 and he has been absent from showbiz since.

According to media reports, he has a license to fly light aircraft and does so at Hualien county once every month or two. In addition to flying, he likes to ride motorcycles, bicycles, fly some drones and hit the gym. People have also spotted him at the night market buying snacks.

$154K To Come Out of Retirement? Taiwanese Veteran Host Chang Fei Says No
A photo of Chang Fei with his fan taken at a night market, posted on Jan 24.
PHOTO: Facebook/The World of Mr Shimen group page

It’s not hard to guess why he might not want to return to showbiz.

What is work when you’re out there living your best life?

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