What is your preschooler learning at school?

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Parents do you know how enrolling your kids for preschool in Singapore can help their development? We'll share the A-Z of preschool learning here.


Preschool education covers letters, numbers, drawing, cutting and pasting, socialising and sharing.

In their early formative years, children absorb information like a sponges and master several developmental skills all at once. These wonder years don’t last for long so parents want to make the most of this absorbent, effortless stage of learning.

While your child may have learned to count and know his alphabet from his exposure to learning at home, a preschool education will properly equip your child with the additional social and intellectual skills that he will need to be successful in formal schooling.

Preschool education in Singapore

The preschool curriculum in Singapore is divided into several basic areas, these are letters and their sounds, numbers and basic counting, drawing, cutting and shapes, colors and objects, socializing and sharing.

preschool education in Singapore

Parents can do their part at home to enhance what has been learnt in school.

Letters and their sounds

Preschoolers are taught how to recognize all the letters in the alphabet in both their uppercase and lowercase variation. They will also be taught how to recognize each letter’s sound (phonics).  Your child should be able identify his/her own name and will be taught how to write it in addition to other simple words. Your preschooler should progress to writing and reading words with blends and digraphs such as ‘ch’ and ‘sh’.

For parents; At home, read to your preschooler and follow the words with your fingers as you read. Choose books with large clear print such as the Spot series (Where’s spot? by Eric Hill). Don’t use baby language when you explain everyday situations, for instance at the zoo don’t say the lion eats meat, say the lion is a carnivore, that means a meat-eating animal. Encourage your child to write words often by giving him/her fat crayons or chalk to write with as they are easier for their little fingers to manage. You can buy these at most stationery or book stores such as evergreen or popular.

Numbers and basic counting

In line with national guidelines, preschoolers in Singapore are also taught how to identify numbers from one to 10 and to count up to 10 objects. Apart from recognizing numbers,  children will also be taught how to write numbers properly.

For parents : At home, make counting part of your everyday routine by asking how many eggs can be found in the fridge, how many steps the child has climbed or how many fruit slices are on the table, etc. Make counting fun by asking your child to give you 3 pencils or 7 blocks, and then asking for one more or one less. Numbers are everywhere and your child should be exposed to numbers and their patterns (one more, one less) as often as possible in everyday situations.

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