Young mum of a 6-month-old baby dies in the Jurong Fire

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The woman who died in the Jurong fire on Monday (Oct 12) also lost her mother when she was younger. Her mother died at the same age as she did, 22 years ago due to kidney failure.

Young Mum Of A 6-Month-Old Baby Died In The Jurong Fire

Young mum who died in the Jurong fire was a chemist at Leeden National Oxygen.

Unfortunately, now her 6-month-old infant daughter suffers the same fate and has to grow up without her mother, too.

According to The Straits Times– Chemist Lim Siaw Chian, 30, died, while seven others were injured in the fire  that broke out at Leeden National Oxygen, a gas manufacturing firm.

Ms Lim had been working at Leeden National Oxygen over a year and previously did food testing at another company.

Mr Gay Thiam Huat, her granduncle, 64, a lorry driver who lives in Singapore told reporters in Mandarin that she was a “bubbly, lovely girl” who visited his home often with her mother, when her mother first brought her to Singapore at a young age.

However, the last time he and the rest of the family saw her was at her wedding two years ago.

She was married for about two years, said her family members, who were at the mortuary next to the Singapore General Hospital earlier today. She leaves behind her husband and six-month-old daughter.

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Ms Lim, has just converted from her Malaysian citizenship to a Singaporean citizenship a month ago, and had just returned to work after her maternity leave one week before the fire.

Mr Gays says, “She was not sure if she wanted the Singapore citizenship initially… She thought the cost of living here was quite high.”

In the end she still decided on becoming a Singaporean because Singapore held a special meaning to her, especially due to the fact that she had studied and worked here in Singapore since a young age.

“She met her husband, who is also from Malaysia, in university here,” Mr Gay said.

Ms Lim’s husband, who is now a Singapore citizen, as well as her parents-in-law were also at the mortuary on Tuesday morning.

Her husband was reported to be extremely distraught and did not speak to the media.

This evening, her remains will be sent back to her hometown of Senai in Johor, said Mr Gay. Her funeral will be held tomorrow.

We wish the family our deepest condolences and our prayers are with them.

Image credit: The Straits Times

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