Yoga is safe and beneficial for pregnant women

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The issue of exercise and yoga during pregnancy is always being discussed, with everyone having their differed takes on the topic. There has been new development — a new study that shows the benefits of yoga for expectant mothers.

You probably have heard that doing yoga can be harmful during pregnancy — especially in the later weeks — as certain poses may reduce circulation to the foetus and spike its heart rate.

But a new study now found that yoga is safe for expectant mothers with low-risk pregnancy, even those in their later stages. In fact, not only is it safe, it is also beneficial to help these women maintain flexibility and muscle tone, and learn breathing techniques that can be handy during labour and delivery.

The study at Jersey Shore University Medical Center was led by Dr Rachel Polis who now works with Kosair Children’s Hospital Gynecology Specialists in Kentucky.

In the study, scientists followed 25 pregnant women as they did 26 yoga poses. Each of the women 35 to 37 weeks pregnant, with no medical conditions or pregnancy complications that stops them from exercising.

Each of them went through a one-on-one yoga session with a certified yoga instructor, during which an obstetrician and medical resident were also present.


What’s the result of the study? Read on to find out.

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