Wyeth S-26® Advanced Formula Range – Advanced nutrition for your growing child!

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Find out how the new and improved Wyeth S-26® Advanced Formula Range provides nutrients in the right amounts that support your child's overall growth and development...


Learning, these days, is multidimensional and not just confined to books

Children learn in multiple ways – from school, play and even from interacting with their surroundings. Each day, new discoveries come from the most unexpected of situations

But ‘learning’ these days involves more than just enhancing a child’s IQ.

Learning is now recognized to be better when it’s multi-dimensional, which doesn’t just include mental, but also visual and physical activity.

The education our kids receive today should ideally incorporate these multidimensional skill-sets which are important to help our children face the future confidently.

Good nutrition is essential for a child’s overall growth and development. Given this, it’s perfectly normal that parents strive to learn about ways in which they can optimize their kids’ learning capacity.

But how exactly do we ensure our kids get good nutrition to support mental, visual and physical growth and development?

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