Write the perfect baby shower card

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It’s time to head for your girlfriend’s baby shower party! You’ve got the quintessentials: box of chocolates and a baby gift selected from the registry-- Now all you’re missing is the perfect handwritten baby shower card to give with the gifts!

Baby shower greeting message

How to write a baby shower card greeting. Learn how to write the perfect message in a baby shower card!

If you’ve ever seen the calendar of a parent, it’s not uncommon to find that they may have upwards of 3-4 baby showers to attend in the same week! And for each of these events, parents have the daunting task of writing a personal and unique message in each and every card.

Let’s face it; it’s only natural to run out of creative ideas when it comes to conveying your true feelings via pen for so many occasions. This usually leads to replacing a handwritten message with generic text of a purchased pre-printed card.

But at theAsianparent, we say it’s time to show the expecting couple that you really care! So why not craft your own message for the prospective mum and dad with our help!

Here are a few pointers sure help you if you’re stuck on how to write the perfect baby shower card.

Step one: express your feelings

Start off by describing how you feel for the expecting couple in the baby shower card. Make sure to be generous with your positive adjectives. Using words like “thrilled”, “elated”, “excited” and “overjoyed” are a good way to depict how glad you feel for the young couple and their new addition to the family.  Make an extra effort to let the reader know how happy you feel to be included and how pleased you are about hearing the great news.

Example — “I am delighted to be part of your baby shower celebration and excited for the new addition to your family.”

Step two: shower the new family with positive words