8 reasons why the world becomes a scary place for girls after puberty

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It's not easy being a girl, and your daughter will face many tough challenges from the world around her -- especially after she reaches puberty

When my daughter was still a helpless baby, there were times when I would look forward to the day she could finally walk and talk.

Once she became a more mobile and chatty toddler, I was excited at the thought of discovering her personality and any emerging talents.

But now that she is a sociable and expressive preschooler, I’m beginning to have mixed feelings about her reaching puberty in a few years’ time.

Of course I know that this is inevitable and I cannot expect her to remain 4-years-old forever, but I am also aware that once a girl comes of age, the world as she knows it will turn into a much different and even scarier place.

Sure, boys will go through various changes too, but here are the main reasons why a girl’s passage to womanhood is far more arduous and downright terrifying:

1. Breasts and bras

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You might notice some small “breast buds” on your little girl as she approaches puberty

As soon as you notice two small bumps appearing on your daughter’s chest, you’ll probably be quick to get her a training bra to keep those blossoming “breast buds” under wraps.

My well-meaning mother made me wear starter bras when I was in Primary Four but it made me feel really uncomfortable so I would secretly take them off when she wasn’t around.

I loathed the itchy little bralettes and was confused as to why she made such a big fuss about ensuring my little lady lumps were kept completely hidden out of sight, which made me feel awkward about my own body.

If you think about it, our breasts are not really our own — they seem to exist for the sexual pleasure of men, and then later on for breastfeeding our babies.

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When boys reach puberty, they have to worry about shaving facial hair, but girls have to figure out how to insert tampons!

2. Menstruation and vaginal health

Getting your first period is a confusing yet exciting part of every girl’s life as this is a clear indication that her passage to womanhood has begun.

But girls will then have deal with nonstop bleeding from the nether regions for 24-hours a day for up to seven days, and experience painful period cramps that can leave you writhing in agony, or even other menstrual related conditions.

Girls are also at higher risk of suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), so it is vital that she learns about proper feminine hygiene from an early age.

Also, don’t forget that later on in life women will be pushing out a baby the size of a small pumpkin from her vagina — so we can’t help but feel that boys definitely have it easy when it comes to puberty!

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