Working fatherhood for Andy, Nicholas and Jacky

Working fatherhood for Andy, Nicholas and Jacky

Leave everything to hired nannies and day-care? Not for these famous fathers! Let us salute the hard work these busy celebrity men do in raising their kids .The Hong Kong superstar trio still manage to squeeze in quality parenting time despite their hectic lives.

Working fatherhood for Andy, Nicholas and JackyBased on a report from CNTV, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and Nicholas Tse are putting in the time and effort to be the best fathers as possible for their children despite their hectic schedules,

Dandy daddy Andy

Like a true showbiz veteran, Andy Lau applies the same professionalism in preparing for the arrival of his child. He is reported to be looking forward to becoming a father when his daughter is born later in 2012. When not working, he interacts more with his younger family members.

Lau is also working on increasing his appeal to kids. While filming his award-winning film "A Simple Life", the crew did not know what to do when handling a very young child actor, who was not able to make a certain scene work.  Luckily, Lau was on hand to put the child at ease.

Happy Jacky daddy

Lau's counterpart, Jacky Cheung has been appearing at more than 100 concerts worldwide. Due to Cheung’s busy performing itinerary he had to spend long periods of time away from home, thus, Cheung ‘s daughter regarded her father more like a stranger. The superstar then decided to spend more time with his daughter by sending her to school daily.

Nicholas’ looking out for Lucas

Meanwhile, Nicholas Tse who works very hard while filming, usually takes his son Lucas to sports events since his divorce with Cecilia Cheung. She and Nicholas Tse officially announced their divorce on August 23rd 2011. The effect of this gives Tse less time with his son than before.

It’s not easy for the stars

The experiences of these Hong Kong superstars give us an insight into the struggles faced by busy working fathers to juggle family and careers. By not spending enough quality time with their children most men may miss out on their child’s developing years. Bringing up children is the most important job in the world and a healthy balance of work and quality time helps to establish better relationships within the family. Evidently being a father is now the most important role for Andy,  Nicholas and Jacky.


Let us salute the hard work these Hands-on Dads do in raising their kids .




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Written by

Sandra Ong

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