Woman Turns to Homebaked Goods to Raise Funds for Mum's Chemotherapy

Woman Turns to Homebaked Goods to Raise Funds for Mum's Chemotherapy

#ProjectPuteriImpian, or Project Dream Princess, is an initiative to raise funds for her mother's cancer treatment.

If you need any more reason to indulge in some sweet treats, you’ll be glad to know that all of this home baker’s proceeds are going to a worthwhile cause.

#ProjectPuteriImpian, or Project Dream Princess, is an initiative by personal trainer Mira Azman, 25, who’s currently raising funds for her mother’s cancer treatment.

Serving up Nutella tarts, assorted cookies and cornflake treats, #ProjectPuteriImpian managed to raise a four-figure amount within the first eight days of its launch, Mira said in an update on her Instagram two weeks ago.


Nutella tarts (left) and banana Nutella muffins (right) | Image: Instagram/bakesbyputeriimpian

Mira’s mother, who underwent her first chemotherapy session three weeks ago, was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer a week before Ramadan.

But Mira is focusing on the silver lining, according to a post on Instagram Stories.

“With the circuit breaker, I managed to babysit my princess, spend time with her like I’ve never [done] before. I am fortunate that I have the time that money can never buy.”

“It hasn’t been easy but no baby girl is raised to be strong and positive without a kickass woman who raised her well.

Woman Turns to Homebaked Goods to Raise Funds for Mum's Chemotherapy

According to Mira, she has also received a “massive amount of support and love” after internet personality Preetipls gave her a shoutout on Instagram last Sunday (May 24).

“If you guys are looking for a place to get Nutella tarts at, I think this is where you’ve got to go to,” Preeti said. “It’s not easy at a time like this and I just want to wish her all the love and support right now.”

The Nutella tarts go for $18 for a medium jar and $25 for a large jar.

Also on the menu: peanut butter cookies ($10 per bag), chocolate chip Nutella cookies ($12 per bag), hazelnut caramel cookies ($15 per bag), chocolate cornflake treats ($15) and honey cornflake treats ($12).

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The defo that’s gonna be on the menu! Peanut butter cookies!!! What else should be on the bake menu….

A post shared by # PROJECT PUTERI IMPIAN 🧕🏼 (@bakesbyputeriimpian) on

Orders are open from Mondays to Wednesdays over on Mira’s Instagram account @bakesbyputeriimpian, although there are only 20 delivery slots weekly.

Customers can also choose to collect the baked goods from her home in Serangoon North.

Just be warned — it’s fastest fingers first. Mira’s bakes are so in demand that this week’s order slots were filled up within nine hours.

This article was first published on AsiaOne and republished on theAsianparent with permission.

Lead image from Instagram/miraidora.fitness, bakesbyputeriimpian


Woman Turns to Homebaked Goods to Raise Funds for Mum's Chemotherapy

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