Woman breastfeeds abandoned baby left starving in the streets

Woman breastfeeds abandoned baby left starving in the streets

This woman has been dubbed "the most beautiful mother" by the internet. Read the incredible story here!

When the internet dubs someone the “most beautiful mother”, you might think that it’s some joke, or a reference to a famous celebrity. That’s no the case this time.

The “most beautiful mother”, as she’s been called, is actually a 26-year-old Chinese woman named Wei who was photographed breastfeeding an abandoned baby who was left starving in a plastic storage box on the streets.

The baby was discovered in the streets of Beiwei Village in Xianyang City in northwest China. Citizens of the town and various passersby say that the baby was left in a storage box with nothing but a half a bag of milk, and the equivalent of $14.

Wei, who works for a local property company, came across the box and had initially thought it was just garbage. Eventually, she found that loud cries were coming from the storage box. Amazed by the discovery, she and other villagers pulled the baby out from the heat of the sun and tried to give the baby water.

Woman Breastfeeds Abandoned Baby

Villagers rush to remove the abandoned baby from the storage box.

Wei, who is a new mother, recognized the baby’s specific cry. She knew that the baby was hungry, possibly starving, so she gently picked up the child and did what needed to be done. She sat down with the baby on the corner of a street and began to breastfeed the abandoned child.

Wei was photographed as she selflessly cared for the abandoned child on the streets of Beiwei Village.

Wei was photographed as she selflessly cared for the abandoned child on the streets of Beiwei Village.

Xianyang City Public Security Bureau claim that police came to the scene to find the woman breastfeeding the baby while generous onlookers offered donations by stuffing the baby’s sleeves with money. The baby’s parents are still unknown and local authorities are in the middle of an ongoing investigation. Luckily, beautiful and kind souls like Wei exist and are willing to care for others in need.

Eventually the baby would be taken into the care of local social workers. The welfare workers of the Xianyang City Social Welfare Institute claim that the baby suffers from cerebral palsy and possibly other disorders.

Only a mother would have the instincts to care for a child found on the streets in the same way that Wei did. It just goes to show you that mothers have a giving and nurturing spirit that can’t be put into words. Wei has earned her title as “most beautiful mother”, and we respect and commemorate her noble and selfless actions.

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