WIN a special customised Baby Feed package of two stylish pacifiers and a pacifier clip from Tollyjoy for your little one!

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Do you want to win a customised package of two cool pacifiers and a stylish pacifier clip from Tollyjoy for your little one? Find out more about these new baby feed products and how to join our online contest!

Nookie, paci, dummy, or binky -- call it what you want, but to some parents a pacifier is a life-saver and works like magic when your little one needs something to help soothe and comfort him if all else fails.

Once you find the perfect pacifier for your bub, without a doubt it will become an essential item in your diaper bag when you're out and about, or it'll probably be by your side when you're with your little one at home.

New pacifiers and pacifier clips by Tollyjoy

Tollyjoy Baby Products (Tollyjoy) introduces a new collection of Pacifiers and Pacifier Clips to its Baby Feed range which is durable, versatile and has been specially designed to soothe and comfort your tired, fussy or teething baby.

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New pacifiers and pacifier clips with modern prints and patterns from Tollyjoy!

The new pacifiers support natural healthy jaw and tooth development, and are available for babies from 0 to 6 months and from 6 to 18 months.

With modern prints and patterns available, your little one's outfits will still be well-coordinated, making him the trendiest tot at playgroup!

The handy pacifier clips also ensure that your child's favourite pacifier is kept within reach at all times and prevents it from getting lost.

Win a customised package from Tollyjoy!

Each special customised Baby Feed package will include:

  • Two new Tollyjoy pacifiers of different shaped teats (suitable for your bub's age)
  • One stylish pacifier clip
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There are only three simple steps to joining our online contest!

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