Win Ana B Beads teething necklace & Eco-Dough™ (worth up to $84)!

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Find out how you can win these amazing all-natural products: teething necklance from Ana B Beads & all-natural Eco Dough™.

As a mum, you want only the best for your kids to give them a great start in life. This includes everything from the food they eat to the things that they play and explore on a daily basis.

teething necklace, eco dough

Want to know where to get this all-natural teething necklace?

Now, if you’re looking for some fun sensory playtime ideas, you should definitely check out the following products that are made from all-natural ingredients – with no traces of nasties:

Ana B Beads teething jewellery

The moment your baby masters the art of pulling, tugging and gnawing anything that is within her reach, you start to worry if the jewellery you wear contain dangerous materials that are harmful to your little one’s health. Well, that’s exactly what went through the mind of Sabrina Tan, Founder of Ana B Beads – an online store that sells and customises trendy teething jewellery for mums.

teething necklace, eco dough

Find out what makes this Ana B Beads teething necklace perfect for you and your little ones!

Here are some reasons why you should get  the teething jewellery from Ana B Beads:

  • They are made from food-grade silicon beads that are 100% FDA-approved
  • The materials are free from all the bad stuff – Phthalates, BPA, PVC and heavy metals
  • The jewellery is held together by sturdy silk cords which, which will withstand your baby’s strong tugs
  • Necklaces come with breakaway clasps, which makes it so easy to remove with one hand
  • They come in bright colours and shapes, and are great for your little one’s sensory development
  • You can also customise a one-of-a-kind piece as well!

Eco-Dough™ – all-natural dough for kids

teething necklace, eco dough

Learn more about the Eco Dough™ below!

Eco-dough™, an all-natural, colourful dough for kids was first introduced at the Hollywood Farmers Market in the U.S. in 2008. You’ll be glad to know that only natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts are used to make each tub of Eco-dough™, such as blueberries, carrots, purple sweet potato, rosemary oil, and more.

teething necklace, eco dough

This set of Eco Dough™ is all you need to make playtime fun, stimulating and safe for your little ones!

Dollops of essential oils are also used to keep the dough soft and pliable – and to give it a sweet, light aroma. Your kids will definitely have a blast with the tubs of brightly-coloured dough!

You can get the Eco-dough™ from Petal Secrets Healing Arts & Gifts.

5 lucky readers will get to win Ana B Beads teething necklace & Eco-Dough™ – worth up to $84!

teething necklace, eco dough

Find out how you can win these 2 great prizes!

3 winners will receive:

  • 1 set of Ana B Beads necklace (worth $39)
  • 1 set of Eco-dough™ (worth $45)

2 winners will receive:

  • 1 set of Ana B Beads necklace (worth $39)

Closing date for entry: 26 January 2015

To win the Ana B Beads teething necklace and all-natural Eco-Dough™, fill out your details in the box below.

Thank you & good luck!


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Written by

Justina Goh

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