Will your relationship last? These 4 patterns may have the answer

Will your relationship last? These 4 patterns may have the answer

Not all couples are the same but a recent study claims that certain, distinguished patterns can determine the lasting power of your relationship.

At the onset of any relationship, it's easy to see yourself being with your partner forever but as life and reality sets in and the novelty fades, it becomes more of a challenge to stay devoted to your partner.

Over time, couples find themselves settling into patterns which greatly contributes to determining what type of path their relationship will take.

Not all couples are the same, though.

What may be healthy for some may be damaging to others.

A recent study claims to be able to determine how much staying power a relationship has based on predictable patterns.

Taking into account the stories of 376 unmarried couples in their mid-20s, the study tracked them for nine months by watching them closely and asking them incisive questions on their views about life marriage, as well as queries about their changing personalities and preferences.

Though previous studies on the lasting power of relationships focused on the average behavior of couples, assuming that theirs is one which is generally similar to the majority.

This recent study ditches that concept altogether.

Instead, it elaborates on four distinct types of relationship patterns, each with their own benefits and disadvantages.

1. Dramatic

relationship patterns

The study found that dramatic couples spent less time together and that their commitment to one another greatly fluctuated over time.

This causes them to develop negativity and creates further turbulence in the relationship.

2. Conflict-ridden

relationship patterns

Couples who often experience arguments showed a higher incidence of conflict and their commitment to one another waned over time.

But compared to dramatic couples, conflict-ridden couples were found to be more committed to one another over time.


3. Socially involved

relationship patterns

These types of couples are greatly influenced by their supporting social circle which includes close family and friends. Their interactions with this support group may be online or offline.

The study found that this, when properly maintained, is healthier than dramatic or conflict-ridden relationships.

4. Partner-focused

relationship pattern

This type of couple values one another above anything else in their lives.

But this varies depending on the amount of quality time they spent with one another.

So which type is best?

The study concluded that, overall, dramatic couples were the most likely to break up while conflict-ridden couples were found to be less likely to end up marrying.

Socially-involved couples are highly possible to walk down the aisle, further down the road.

And finally, partner-focused pairings were found to provide more satisfaction and positivity which makes marriage a real, inevitable possibility.

Although this study involved unmarried partners, it may also be helpful for many married couples to be aware of these patterns and to know how to strengthen their bond with this knowledge.

What relationship pattern can you and your partner relate to? 


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Written by

Bianchi Mendoza

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